What is Lead Retrieval?

Posted by Sambit Pattnaik on September 12th, 2018

Trade shows and events are often very integral to a company’s marketing efforts alongside business development. These programs are planned keeping in mind B2B industries and are a cornerstone activity in customer acquisitions.

When a trade show is organized, a company or an event exhibitor can expect countless visits from customers who may or may not be relevant to the sales strategy. Whether you are a first time exhibitor or a serial trade show participant, it is vital for you to make the most of your investment and capture potential customers. When you gather the details of as many potential customers who come to your stall at the trade show, you collect leads.

Lead retrieval essentially is all about gathering the details of buyers who come to your stand at the trade show and strike up a conversation about your service or product.  Technology enabled lead retrieval systems go beyond the traditional pen and paper or business card exchange ritual and helps the management of the customer database efficiently and consistently.

This process is essentially the best method to collect the credentials of people that visit your stall and want to start a business conversation. A Lead Retrieval or Lead management system is designed to help exhibitors quickly and easily capture leads on the trade show floor. If you are using lead retrieval app for a trade show, you can follow up action codes and expand your database with demographic information on attendees.

A lead retrieval app for trade shows helps exhibitors maximise their returns on investment by signing up new business. The best possible way to ensure this is via the lead capturing process wherein the prospective customers receive the relevant data from marketing teams. Events are the best way in which a SMB or a buyer maximizes the returns on investments.

The benefits of using such an app are many. Appropriate lead retrieval software has a positive impact on the sales pipeline of a firm. It’s vital to work out how effective the trade show participation was and whether that made money.  You can easily measure results with lead management software such as Eventdex.  You can also allow the marketing team to add on additional information on customers when they are busy filling in the electronic application at the trade show. This software allows you to contextualize the lead and enable you to take the next step in a more personalized and effective manner.

In traditional event data capturing, there are manual methods of filling in paper forms and passing these on to the marketing team. This data in turn is fed into a database. Leads when digitized can speed up the follow up process post an event. If you add lead retrieval software with marketing automation and efforts then new customers will pour in.

Effective lead retrieval software also creates a smoother relationship between sales teams and marketing channels.  Sales teams do not have to manually gather leads and then enter the data. With an event management app lead retrieval becomes advanced and swifter post the completion of an event.

There are several kinds of lead retrieval technologies, with varying degrees of functionality. You need to select whether the system you want fits with your business and employees. There is no one size fits all policy and it is indeed a pleasure for us at Eventdex to offer you lead retrieval solutions that are ideal for your business.



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