8 Cut Flowers that Last Longer

Posted by flowerpatchdelivery on September 12th, 2018

Have you ever held a wilting bunch of cut flowers and wished that they lasted more than a few days? Some flowers stay fresh longer than others after being cut, or especially with proper maintenance.

For a floral display that will brighten up not just your day but your next week or two, here are 8 cut flowers that last the longest.

  1. Gladiolas

Known for its flower spikes (also called “corms”), these allergy-friendly blooms will last 1-2 weeks with proper care. Keep them well-watered and regularly check on how much water they still have so that they don’t wilt behind your back. Remove any flowers that have begun to fade, as these sap energy and resources from the stem and the other flowers.

  1. Freesias

These bright flowers are famous for their fragrance, which is reminiscent of citruses. This lovely and natural air freshener can be kept on display for 2 weeks, too! Place cut freesias in room temperature water.

  1. Alstroemerias

The alstroemeria is a popular flower for arrangements, with colors ranging from pinks and oranges to whites and even purples. They generally last for 2 weeks, though some varieties can stay fresh for a third week. Their leaves wilt fairly quickly, however, so be sure to check for browning and wilting leaves and remove them as needed.

  1. Lilies

They can almost always be found on the market and are available in an array of sizes and colors. Depending on the variety, they can give off a powerful fragrance that can be picked up from five feet away. Lilies can also stay fresh for up to 2 weeks. Stems usually have three to five flowers which can bloom several days apart, you may remove any flowers that are starting to go. Pluck off the lilies’ pollen pods with gloves or paper towels to prevent stains and keep the flowers fresh for longer. Keep them out of direct sunlight, as well.

  1. Carnations

For all the colors that they come in, carnations are also known for being light on the wallet. White carnations can even gain their own hue if food coloring is mixed into the water. These round flowers can last for 2-3 weeks. Just be sure to remove any leaves or petals that are submerged in water or even touch water level and check every now and then for additional foliage that has fallen off the plant. This will prevent bacteria from growing in the water and hurting the plant’s shelf life.

  1. Orchids

The orchid is not just elegant, but also long-lasting, keeping its freshness for 3 weeks. The Cymbidium variety has particularly robust petals and lasts the longest among orchids themselves. For this, cut orchids should have a change of water every two days, and their stems should be regularly trimmed.

As orchids are tropical flowers, the edges of their petals will be the first to show signs of rot. Check for even a small speck of rot when purchasing orchids. Should some orchids fade early on, remove these flowers to help keep the other blooms fresh.

  1. Zinnias

Although they are used more as fillers than as the focal points of flower arrangements, zinnias are famous for lasting especially long, with a shelf life of 3-4 weeks and the occasional bloom lasting for up to a full month. Aside from needing a change of water every two days, zinnias don’t need too much maintenance.

  1. Chrysanthemums

If any flower can rival the zinnia when it comes to lifespan, it would have to be the chrysanthemum, which also lasts for 3-4 weeks. Mums grow in a variety of colors. They need a bit more attention, however. When buying mums, go for the longest stems that you can find, as you’ll be trimming the stems daily aside from changing the water to keep these flowers full and round.

Of course, the flowers won’t last as long as they ought to if they are unattended, surrounded by soaked and rotting leaves in their vases and growing dark spots on their petals. A bit of attention and a regular change of water will do wonders for all the flowers listed here.

The next time you need to put together a bouquet or order an arrangement, keep this list in mind to choose flowers that will stay fresh for a good, long while.

Author Bio:

Micah de Jesus is the SEO Director of GrowthScout SEO Services, a digital marketing firm in Quezon City and a Digital Media Manager for Flower Patch, a flower shop in Pasig.

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Flower Patch is an online flower shop offering same-day flower delivery services to clients within Metro Manila. Whatever the occasion is, we offer flower arrangements to help you express your message.

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