Plastic Molds Are Made By Pet Blowing Machine

Posted by preform nicole on September 14th, 2018

Typically, polyethylene terephthalate or Pet Bottle Preform molds are designed with two commercially available blow molding techniques. These are extrusion stretch blow molding and injection stretch blow molding. Both methods contribute to pet blow molding. However, injection blow molding technology is very easy to control, has less waste, has fewer defects, and is more efficient than extrusion.
Today, there is a huge demand for various plastic bottle molds around the world, with high cost efficiency and good quality. One of the two methods is the use of pressure bottles, such as carbonated beverage bottles, and the second is oil-free pressure bottles, such as oil, tea and bottled water bottles. With the expansion of production scale and advances in technology, people have noticed new developments in the molding industry.
In addition, equipment manufacturing capabilities have grown rapidly compared to previous manufacturing records. It is believed that the current capacity ranges from thousands of bottles per hour to thousands of bottles per hour. The best improvement in this regard is that previous manual work has been replaced by computer systems. This reduces all the difficulties encountered in this process and improves continuity and applicability.
Plastic bottle molds affect the environment and the surrounding environment through pet blowing machine. Due to both positive and negative advantages, care should be taken when selecting PET preforms and molding processes. Based on experimental results, PET preform molding materials of the same viscosity may require unique blow molding techniques. The main requirement of preformed materials is to make them pure and transparent. The material should not contain any impurities and should not have any different color in the area of ​​the injection point.

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