Tackle unpredictable monsoon with best fashion trends

Posted by Taniya on September 14th, 2018

The pleasant monsoon breeze and showers are delightful and provide the much-needed break. They save you from the unbearable scorching summer heat. However, the monsoon season can be overbearing on your fashion options because of the series of unpleasant experiences it brings along with it. They include getting stuck in a traffic jam owing to waterlogging, getting totally drenched while returning home. Dirt on your favourite clothes can really get irritating which calls for the latest fashion tips for women in monsoonto be spilled.

Avoid jeans and corduroys

●       One of the most important fashion tips for women is to ditch your favourite pairs of jeans and corduroys as they will lead to a lot of discomfort in case you are caught wearing them when there is a very heavy downpour.

●       These fabric soaks tends to soak up a lot of water and will not dry soon. This tends to happen for at least an entire day.

●       Uneasiness, dampness, fungal and bacterial infections could follow leading to discomfort.


Go for shorts and capris

●       Best monsoon fashion tips for men and women is to wear Capris, shorts or skirts.

●       They keep you cool in summer and less drenched in a sudden shower.


Dark and vibrant tunics

●       Wear dark and beautiful colours.

●       Style Tunics with light leggings or capris paired with flat flip-flops for highly comfortable dressing.

●       Dark hues such as navy blues and dark green add the perfect vibrancy to the dull and cloudy monsoon environment.


Loose and light tops

●       Say goodbye to long kurtas as they only weigh you down in the rain.

●       Opt for fabrics such as lycra or polyester as they are wrinkle-free, light and also dry quickly.


Steer clear of transparency

●       Mostimportant women fashion tips is tostay away from transparent top or kurta.

●       Rains could cause a real embarrassment.

●       Choose solid and dark-coloured tops for carefree moments under the clouds.


Go for the light checkered formals look

●       Go for Comfortable half-sleeved formal shirts if light fabric.

●       They are in vogue and display the perfect office look.

Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear

●       Comfortable footwear with a good grip is a must.

●       This avoids slipping on the road or getting stuck in muddy puddles.

●       Try Waterproof leather slip-ons, floaters or sneakers too as they avoid damage during the rain.

Go ahead and adopt a more monsoon-friendly look in order to minimize any kind of discomfort. Adopt the mantra comfortable and vibrant clothes and here we will show you how through these latest fashion tips for women and men.


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