Business Transformations - Why You May Like One

Posted by Profit Transformations on September 14th, 2018

Can you take 3 months off from your business, travel international and not have a worry in the world?

Sound like a 'pipe-dream'?

it would to most business owners. Its just not a possible reality, but that's not important. What's important is, would you like that to be a reality in your life as a business owner?

You'd be surprised how achievable that is, despite where your business is right now. You may be struggling with cash, trying to keep on top of it all, lacking time and being needed, but that doesn't mean your future has to be the same.

You can take a different path, a learning path and be guided through a transformation and it doesn't begin with answers to your challenges, it begins with these questions...

What's the No.1 thing holding your business back right now?

Have you invested in learning to run a business?

There's no employee role you can have that prepares you for owning a business. If there was, it would be evident by a very high percentage of super successful business owners.

Business is a subject you can definitely learn and master various key ingredients.

The key ingredients of owning a super successful business, that can operate smoothly and profitably while you're away from it for 3 months are...

  • Build Your Vision - become very clear of what your life could be like in 2 to 5 years. Document it, dream about it and make it real in your own mind.
  • Team Building and recruitment - building a dedicated, hard working team that can replace you in all your roles requires high level people skills. One very important part of those skills is being able to identify good attitude employees, before you hire them. Understanding attitudes is essential for building a great team. 
  • Love your business numbers. First you need to know the 6 essential business KPIs for sales, service and cash flow and then monitor them every week, and share them with your team. 
  • Develop a Business Growth Plan to double your business profits, and understand how that is achievable using specific strategies applied to your 7 business growth KPIs\
  • Systems for Profit Growth. You're definitely going to need digitised systems for your business, and videos are the best form of systems. Learning which ones you need, how to create and collate them for onboarding is essential to leverage your know-how into your team.
  • Sales and Marketing - learning the advanced marketing secrets that attract high price paying clients, who you then sell to using rapport empowers you to sell at higher prices than competitors to build surplus cash in the bank.
  • Management to Leverage Yourself. You'll need to put in place a 3-ingredient 'structure' for your business, to manage and inspire your team to achieve more, without your supervision - that's how you obtain true business freedom, where working becomes optional.

These 7 points are all learnable in just 8 months. Learning these areas can totally transform your business in 6 to 12 months, setting your business up to increase profits, without increasing advertising at all.

This isn't a pipe dream, or an empty promise, these outccomes have been achieved by countless businesses in Australia in service, wholesale and manufacturing businesses, so why not yours too?

Focus on learning all 7 points and you may surprise yourself where your business can be. If you need a mentor or someone to talk to for clarity on these points, you're welcome to get more info on business transformations free. 

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