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Posted by coleenstela on September 15th, 2018

BJJ Jiu Jitsu Belts

A bjj black belt for sale  is functionally used to tie around your Gi jacket to help keep it in place. It can also be used for both offensive and defensive techniques. A BJJ Belt is something that is very important to the Jiu Jitsu practitioner - you will have it for a very long time, whether on the mat or nailed to your wall after you've moved onto bigger and better colors. Make sure you choose the one that best represents you. We offer a great selection. For beginners, this will be a White Belt. From there it goes in the order of Blue, Purple, Brown, Black for Adults and Yellow, Orange, Green for Kids.

BJJ Jiu Jitsu black Belt are long as they are meant to wrap around your waist twice and still have excess length after you tie it. On one end there will be a patch with the manufacturer's logo. On the other end there is usually a black bar (red bar on black belts) where you put your stripes that indicate progress between belt levels. When sizing for a belt, choose the same size that you chose for your gi.

Bjj Black Belt

Earning the highest honor of black belt jiu jitsu should be celebrated by owning the finest quality Bjj Jiu Jitsu Black Belt on the market, the Bjj Belt. The belt is made entirely out of 100 percent cotton, ensuring that it is not only soft, well-made and durable, but is also simple to wash and keep clean with ease. Ultra durable, the belt is made with reinforced stitching that promises integrity for many years to come. The included black sleeve that comes with the belt will allow you to include your rank stripes to show them off quite clearly. These belts are designed to fit most sizes, ensuring that there is a belt here for you.

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