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Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery are medical surgeries that are done to improve the appearance of a part of the body. Cosmetic surgeries are mostly done on females as they want to get a perfection in their look and remove signs of aging that is achievable through cosmetic surgery only. Plastic and cosmetic surgery are quite common now as they are easy to get done, are affordable and people get satisfied results.

Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is also very common and people from all over the world come to Thailand for their plastic and cosmetic surgeries. There are numerous medical cosmetic surgery specialty clinics and large hospitals in Thailand that are built with international standards and offer a wide range of surgeries and procedures performed by well-trained and qualified doctors that can achieve exceptional results for patients.

Medical tourism in Thailand is high as it provides high quality care with affordable prices. Thailand is famous as the destination for affordable cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

Thailand welcome Millions of visitors from around the world that come for their medical tourism industry specially Thailand’s Cosmeticsurgery. The health care system of Thailand is advanced which makes it attractive for medical tourists to fix their physical imperfection.

The most popular cosmetic surgeries and their costs in Thailand are;


Abdominoplasty also known as Tummy tuck is a procedure used to make tummy thinner by reshaping and firming. In Thailand tummy tuck will cost you around 00-5,200.


Rhytidectomy commonly known as face lift is the most common type of cosmetic surgery procedure which gives you a youthful facial appearance. It removes wrinkles and any signs of aging from the face. Face lift surgery in Thailand would cost around 00-5000.


Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for the reshaping of nose commonly known as nose job. This involves correcting and reconstructing the form of the nose. In Thailand cost of rhinoplasty is around 0-1200.


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which human body fat is removed to change its shape. In Thailand the cost of liposuction will be around 0-2500.


Commonly known as breast implant is performed by means of saline, silicone gel prosthetics and fat grafting. Cost in Thailand would be around 00-4000.


Commonly known as eyelid surgery is a plastic surgery for correcting eyelids and aesthetic modification of eye region of face. In Thailand it can cost around 00-2000.

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