Importance Of The Right Equipment In Table Tennis

Posted by marryvoges on September 17th, 2018

Whether you play soccer or you’re into baseball, football, or any kind of sports, choosing the right equipment is essential to play the sport well. The clothing and the equipment directly impacts the performance of an athlete on the ground. If you do not possess the proper sports equipment, chances are that you might not be able to perform up to your capability. As the common saying goes: the better your sports equipment, the greater may be your sport.

When talking of table tennis, it is a sport which involves hitting a lightweight ball back and forth across a hard table (which is divided by a net) using small bats. It is a fast game and demands instant reflexes and great skills (like forehand flick, backhand flick, forehand fast serve, forehand drive technique, forehand push, backhand push, forehand attack, backhand loop, forehand pendulum serve, backhand sidespin, etc.) to become a pro in it.

But with the right equipment, you can double your confidence as well as entertainment. The main equipment involved in this sport are:

  1.  Ball - Ping pong balls now come in 40 mm diameter, so be careful and make sure you aren’t playing with that old 38mm ball. Usually made of celluloid, they could be 0 star, 1 star, 2 star, or 3 star balls. 0 star and 1 star are generally used for training purposes since they are low quality balls. 2 star balls are comparatively a little better in quality but still not considered good enough for a competition. 3 star balls could be used for serious competition.
  2.  Racket/Paddle - It’s better to own your own personal ping pong paddle or you will have to always borrow other people’s. The racket is made up of a mainly wooden blade which can vary in size, shape, or weight. This flat and rigid bat is covered with rubber on one or both sides and you can choose one according to your grip. Smooth rubber is the most common type of rubber used these days that generally gives the most spin and speed while hitting the ball.

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