9 Most Tech-Savvy Countries in the World

Posted by Peter on September 17th, 2018

compare or actually discover the new technology hub which is why we quite often see after you Google or someone mentioning a “next Silicon Valley”. Silicon Valley is a region in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California which is basically referred to the Santa Clara Valley, and that serves as the global center for innovation, high technology, and social media. I am sure Internet services in my area is also one of the factors as I had that when I was studying and working there.

San Jose is the Valley's largest city which is also the 3rd largest in California and the 10th largest in the US. The word "silicon" originally designated to the huge number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers in this region, nonetheless, the area is now the hub of many of the world's leading high-tech corporations, counting the headquarters of 39 businesses in the Fortune 1000, and thousands of startup companies.

  1. India

In the minds of most of us, we are under the impression that India is just a country where ideas are imported from the US to be manufactured. Or an even poor version, where they think that the customer service solutions for American brands are taken care of. However, the highly populated democracy has actually made some great progressions in innovation for a few years now, predominantly in the field of technology.

As a matter of fact, Indians have an incredible amount of contribution in making Silicon Valley what it is today. India, itself is widely considered to be the fastest growing IT hub in the world with determined growth, generated jobs, augmented access to resources, education, and healthcare, resulting in decreasing poverty levels and developed standard of living. Multinational companies such as GE and Intel have their research centers in India, as well as some products that can be sold and promoted globally, are being developed in the same country, along with more advanced CT scans and safer car bumpers.

  1. Seattle

The first site that comes to your mind when you think about Seattle is usually rain or Starbucks, but as a matter of fact, this West Coast city actually has more technology job opportunities than Silicon Valley itself. And it should not come as a surprise and should also make sense that Internet giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google have their offices in the city; on top of that, Microsoft and Nintendo of America have also been headquartered there for decades. With that, new tech startups are popping up everywhere in the city, trying to bring along the next big thing with experimentation in smartphones, software, or anything that nerds like.

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel

To say the least, before we even give any reason, Tel Aviv is called next Silicon Valley, and if you Google, you will find out that Tel Aviv has been named as “Silicon Wadi” the Hebrew version of Silicon Valley over this factor prediction. A number of American business tycoons who were formerly doing business in Silicon Valley have moved to Tel Aviv because they find it more promising there in terms of technological advances.

Whether it is due to the reason that Israel was initially believed to lack natural resources, nonetheless, oil and natural gas have been lately discovered or because Tel Aviv effortlessly draws technology geeks towards itself. The city has witnessed a flourishing curve with innovative startups over the last ten years. Out of 600 businesses on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, over and above 20% are technological firms.

  1. Hsinchu, Taiwan

Around thirty years ago, China's government invested over billion for building Taiwan's Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park as an effort to replicate the achievements of Silicon Valley. By the time I am writing it, that region has become home to beyond 400 technology companies. Apparently, the decision of investment went well and paid off, for the reason that companies made up 10% of Taiwan's GDP by 2007.

Two major science and engineering universities sit near the park, along with a whole science-themed amusement park with a strange name Little Ding-Dong Science Park. Such major attractions are actually working in terms of drawing the attention in the technology experts; looks like this hotspot is not coming slow in future too.

  1. Nairobi, Kenya

The continent of Africa had been undergoing a brain drain phenomenon which is quite unfortunate when the wisest heads leave the country for jobs or education and never come back since they find better options in other countries.

However, Nairobi is working hard and trying to change this trend particularly when it comes to the technology sector. Even though their tech-savvy sector is still at its infant stage, it has already being hyped as the Silicon Valley of Africa. Innovative Kenyans have been assembling information from Silicon Valley big shots in order to make the most effective center for their startups, which would be expected to cost around billion and be called Konza Technology City. It is, however, to be witnessed whether it is going to compete with the geekiest areas of the world, nevertheless, it's an overall good step for Africa.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The higher business costs in the US and the fall of the peso made Argentina favorite place for technological ventures and an even more interesting destination due to the smaller time zone differences as compared to any other relocation options such as Asia. A number of technology giants, like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco have some sections in Buenos Aires, which make these site even more popular for its benefits to offshore operations. Numerous startups are relocating to this area as well, so revenues would be larger even when the company is not established at a younger stage.

  1. Dublin

From time to time luring in big-name technology businesses is all an extent and needs to become a magnet for the invention. Dublin's Docklands, which have been nicknamed Silicon dock and have managed to implicate leading companies from all across the world because of their little to no corporate tax rate and remarkable infrastructure. On top of everything mentioned, Dublin has also got an office for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. By now, they are anticipating startups will follow and boost improvement from the Irish themselves.

  1. New York City

It should not come as a surprise that New York is near the top of the pile when it comes to technological revolution. Same is the case with geeks' dreams of becoming legendary millionaires. The section of New York City which is now referred to as Silicon Alley that came into the existence during the '90s is home to more than a few of successful tech startups. And just about this year, New York City declined Boston to be the city with the second most favorable tech start-up capital in the U.S., with Silicon Valley as No. 1.

  1. Skolkovo, Russia

Not too long ago, Russia was competing with the U.S. in regards to innovation, however, ever since the Cold War, the U.S. quite evidently bypassed Russia. Technology geeks in Skolkovo are expecting to change that, however, and make it a popular center in this town close to Moscow. With the amount of money being invested and all the efforts in the project, it will totally justify if some good money starts coming out of it.

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