Artificial turf is a modified roof garden with preferred decoration

Posted by CCGRASS on September 17th, 2018

Functional partitioning is important.

As an outdoor living space, you can arrange an outdoor living room, dining room or kitchen according to your own needs. The common partitions include outdoor living area, dining area, and rest area.

Large plants can create a private barrier.

The combination of several tall plants not only enriches the plant level of the terrace, but also conforms to the surrounding tall buildings, so that the terrace garden is not oppressed by the high atmosphere of nearby buildings.

Whether it is a terrace or a garden, the scaffolding is a very practical design. On the one hand, it can divide a relatively private and independent activity space, on the other hand, it can also provide space for climbing plants. To build a steel pergola on the terrace, first consider the anchorage and waterproof. Usually, placing the structural support on the wall is more practical than placing it on the terrace floor, so that it does not involve the problem of breaking the waterproof layer.

Landscape artificial turf "lazy" choice. Sometimes using artificial turf instead of planting grass on the terrace is a good way to save energy and budget. A good match will give you a sense of humor. If you want to plant real grass on the terrace floor, you need to carefully deal with the problems of waterproofing, weight bearing, puncture prevention, etc. If the concealed project is not handled properly, it will bring great hidden dangers, and you need to ask the professionals to design and construct.

Outdoors is not just a place to raise flowers and sun, kitchen, dining room, living room or even swimming pool... everything you can enjoy indoors can be moved outdoors! What kind of life do you want? This is the top priority!

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