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Posted by amirthaa on September 27th, 2010

There are many types of gambling today, from the high-rolling tables of poker and blackjack, to the easy
less stressful isles of the slot-machines, a casino offers something for everyone. Perhaps that is why they
are so popular.

Today we will take a look at some of the different types of games that are found in the casino, beginning
with the ever friendly slot machine.

The Slot Machine

Whenever you think of a slot machine, how can you not help thinking of a little old lady with a bag
of coins sitting in front of the slots and waiting for all three pictures to align themselves properly?

There?s very little else to the slot machine in all actuality, it?s a pretty straight-forward game. First a
person would need a bag of coins, and a whole lot of patience. Of course if you?re lucky, or if you?ve
been ?scoping? the area you?d know which slot machines were ripe for the playing as after a person has
already been playing for a long time and given up, the chances of you striking a jackpot are all the more

This is a great game because let?s face it, the slots aren?t going to bankrupt you, but of course, they
aren?t going to get your blood pumping either.

The Game of Baccarat

Baccarat is an ancient card game introduced to the French by the Italians somewhere in the 15th
century. Today Baccarat is played in Casino?s all over the world and is gaining in popularity, and is
even available online. Translated Baccarat means ?Zero? in either French or Italian and is a classic
European casino game. Baccarat also happens to be the lowest hand you can play in this card gamble.

There are only two chief bets you can place in a game of Baccarat, and that is as a Banker or as a
Player. Rarely used is the Standoff or the Tie. Varying from casino to casino is the way the cards are
dealt; some casino?s allow the players to deal and in others the dealers will hand you your cards.

When a player deals, as is allowed in some casino?s, they may either bet on the Player or the Banker,
although dealers usually bet on the Banker. A player may also pass the Shoe, that is to choose not to
deal, and so this task falls on the next player. For so long as the bank continues to win, the choice of
dealing or the Shoe remains with the player, when the bank loses, the shoe passes onto the next player.

Video Poker

Video poker has been rising in popularity over the years because of the fact that like a slot machine, the
stakes aren?t that high to begin with so more people are going to want to try it out. On top of that, video
poker is actually quite a fair game compared to its real-life counterpart as it is quite fair in the sense that
the regulations are more stringent. These machines are generally required to deal out cards at random,
with a random sequence and using a virtual deck of cards. These video poker machines are also tested

out before meted to the public for entertainment use to make sure they work as they are required to.

So next time you?re in a casino, check out one of these games!

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