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Posted by David Johnson on September 19th, 2018

Hotmail is most suitable mail platform when you are looking for trustworthy mail services and this is because hotmail make sure to take cares information exchanged via its online mail services. It has an extra layer of encryption that take cares of information and messages transferred on it. It is because of this reason why hotmail is so highly preferred in big firms and famous organization for easy mail transfer. Hotmail is enhanced, secured but also user friendly such that no users face any issues using their hotmail applications. Hotmail is user’s platform and thus it provides everything in a best way for its users but still if in any case any user face any issues using their hotmail platform they may obtain easy help from Hotmail contact number.

Hotmail is widely used mail platform commonly used in big firms and offices both for internal mail exchange and sending mails to external parties. When hotmail is so widely used in organizations sometimes higher level authority feels that there must be something which could help distinguish mails of their particular company from others and for this outlook let them add a special customized option of logo in each mail send via the devices of that particular organization.

For this they need to introduce a prompt send guard option on their browsers such that whenever any of their employee is about to send a mail to any one from the office they will get a prompt message which will remind them to add the company logo. This is especially for mail send from the company ids so that when it reaches to the company’s client they will be able to easily identify all those mails sent from your company.

This is a nice feature introduced by outlook and has various advantages like:

  • It helps in brand promotion through logo
  • It can help your users identify the mail sent by your company easily. 
  • This will add a personalized touch to each mail sent by the devices of your organization
  • With send guard prompt your employee will never forget to add a logo in any mail. 
  • You can maintain the security of mails sent.

Dial Hotmail support number 0800-046-5027 When you have introduces the send guard customized feature it is sure that your employee will never forget to add your company logo. It is easy to use these feature but in case of issue obtain easy help from Hotmail technical support number UK.

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