Resolve Your Financial Challenges in Separation through Divorce Mediation in NY

Posted by Nydivorcemediators on September 19th, 2018

Without proper planning and assistance from someone who understands the ins and outs of divorce and separation laws, you could face financial problems—especially when you have children. Divorce mediation services in New York can help to solve these issues. A skilled, knowledgeable, and the seasoned mediator can help you make informed decisions and resolve the financial challenges you might encounter in your separation.

Through divorce mediation in NY, clients get the assistance they need to resolve every issue that is related to the divorce process, such as visitation, child support and custody, equitable distribution of marital liabilities and assets, alimony and maintenance, federal estate taxes, estate planning, QDROs or retirement accounts, and business interests. Mediators offer the same quality of service to clients who prefer a legal separation over a divorce to resolve the separation agreement. And in case you ultimately decide to end your marriage, the same mediators can work with you to finalize the process. They can use the same agreement to help you file for divorce with the court to save you money and time.

Divorce mediation in NY is offered by knowledgeable and experienced mediators who have the expertise necessary to help parties efficiently and quickly obtain the legal separation that they want. These professionals are attorney mediators who are registered members of the New York bar. Some of the best mediators have been helping couples in their divorce or separation proceedings for more than 15 years. Their thorough understanding and thoughtfulness make them qualified to help any client, too.

Separations through a divorce mediation service in NY are conducted following state law requirements. So, mediators perform the necessary calculations according to the NY Maintenance Guidelines. Mediators will provide all the necessary information you will need to make an educated decision and attain equitable resolutions. In case you have children under the age of 21, the mediators will conduct child support calculations following the Child Support Standards Act, and they will discuss your financial obligations with you. And in case you decide to go through a divorce, the mediator will work with you to so you have the option to not show up in court.

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David Escoffery, Attorney Mediator at NY Divorce Mediators, has many years of experience in divorce mediation. NY Divorce Mediators specializes in divorce mediation, which is an expert service that enables clients to receive a fast, amicable and affordable divorce or separation with the help of a neutral attorney acting as divorce mediator.