Discount Card Fundraiser in Texas: The Prime Way to Raise Money for the Church

Posted by Calloway Fundraising on September 19th, 2018

Many churches, schools, and non-profit organizations have found an immense success with the help of discount card fundraising programs. If you are wondering whether you should contact a discount card fundraiser in Texas or not, serving your small initiative to the whole world, the answer would be YES.

The fundamentals of discount card fundraising

Discount card fundraising is an easy procedure. A non-profit organization goes out to local shops, retailers, restaurants, etc. and asks them for joining their fundraising effort by providing a discount to anybody who presents that discount card to the business. Then, the non-profit firm goes out and sells that card for raising money for their group.

Discount cards are a success for every party engaged – local businesses can help a non-profit organization and create an additional business without taking out costly advertising, the supporters will make a donation for the organization and save money at businesses all across the town and the non-profit organization raises much-required funds in an energizing and fun way.

Top tips to get success from fundraising ideas for the church in Texas

Discount card fundraising is one of the best fundraising ideas for the church in Texas that can be great for raising funds, especially for medium-sized and small charities, as well as churches and large schools. Though, be recommended, that this is a time and volunteer intensive effort. To extend the entire return, follow these 5 tips:

1. Look professional – There are many companies which can manufacturer professional looking, great high-quality discount fundraising cards for you at an affordable rate. Search them online and take their help in raising your funds.

2. Delegate – For being accomplished with this strategy, you will require using many volunteers – not just for selling the original cards but also for going out to local businesses and asking them for providing a discount to your cardholders. Start a discount card campaign for working on this initiative on behalf of your non-profit organization.

3. Fix a time limit – Discount card fundraising works great if you fix a limited time period in which you will sell your cards. 3-6 weeks will be a great timeline. Fix a definite timeline for your fundraising campaign and be certain the volunteers and everybody who is selling the cards for you know the last day for the sales.

4. Know your total expenses and revenues – Before you start, work with the card organization for measuring what your charges per card will be and how many you need to order. Then, analyze how many you will have to sell for making your funds back. Then, check out how many volunteers can help you sell cards and how many you think they can sell for you. Also, decide whether or not this effort will be useful and profitable for you prior to starting.

Final verdict

So, these are a few tips and ideas to raise money for a church or a non-profit organization. Take some time for figuring out your volunteer base and your fundraising objects, and see whether the discount card fundraising can work as a part of the fundraising strategy of your non-profit organization.

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