How to Introduce Your Friends and Family to CBD Oil

Posted by brett on September 19th, 2018

How to Introduce Your Friends and Family to CBD Oil

CBD is still a fairly new concept to grasp for individuals all over the country. Historically speaking, CBD or any hemp related products have always seemed like a taboo subject to discuss – until now. Many of us have already experienced the benefits of CBD oil, and want to share how it can improve the quality of life for anyone suffering with conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain or insomnia. Recommending CBD oil might be a touchy subject to anyone who isn’t familiar with it, which is why education about the product itself is so important. Here are a few tips on how to introduce CBD oil to your friends and family:

  1. Discuss Your Own Experience

There’s nothing more comforting than hearing someone share a personal experience about a product that has helped them with chronic pain or anxiety. Your story could help you connect with the person you’re talking to, especially if you are discussing a difficult time in your life. The upside is, you can build trust with your listener by being open and honest about your experience with CBD. Remember, this is all about highlighting the positive experience of CBD. You don’t want to come off as if you’re trying to sell a product. 


  1. Educate with the Right Information

A world of information exists about CBD and the therapeutic values it provides. If you’re

speaking with a dear friend or a loved one, your priority should be introducing them to the right

information. Anyone who is learning about CBD for the very first time might be shocked,

confused, or judgmental. There are a variety of reputable online sources that provide detailed

information about CBD oil, the benefits, the side effects and how to properly dose it. Be ready

to explain exactly what CBD oil is, and how it differs from THC (the psychoactive ingredient in

marijuana). Your friend or family member might be wondering how CBD might be helpful for

them. This would be a great opportunity for you to circle back to your own experiences, and

refer them to any literature that might help them answer this question.

  1. Be Understanding if They Say No

It goes without saying that there’s a fighting chance that the person you’re sharing your story with will not want to try CBD. This is completely normal; there’s still a stigma on marijuana or any other product derived from it. No matter their reasoning, it’s incredibly important to be understanding and express respect for their decision. This way, you open up a comfortable space for them to revisit the conversation discuss CBD Gummies and cbd cartrdiges products again. 



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