Terribly Tiny Takes of Hair Removal and its Place in an Era of Empowerment

Posted by Medical Cosmetics on September 20th, 2018

Well, because you recently joined the UK modelling industry, it isn’t such a shocker, is it?

However, no worries, my lovely folks! Laser hair removal isn’t as intimidating as you’re figuring it out to be. Before you listen to those thousand whispers passing you uncertified information, it’s best that you learn a bit about it.

The science behind laser hair removal

Laser hair removal Nottingham procedure includes throwing a beam of targeted laser rays on the hair follicle. This beam is absorbed by the melanin, which gives the pigmentation to your hair and skin.

Once absorbed, this beam is converted into heat which destroys the follicle sacs that produce hair. After one or two sittings, you can successfully neutralise the existing hair follicles and soon inhibit the growth of hair.

As a result, you can always be ‘Red Carpet ready’ without having to go through constant shaving and waxing sessions.

Well, that did not sound so harrowing, right? Now, here are the tips to prepare for your laser hair removal in the UK –

Be a vampire!

The sun isn’t your best friend if you’re opting for a laser hair removal. You see, the suntan can mess up the treatment procedure. According to physicians, darker hair colour with lighter skin pigmentation is your best call.

So, before going for the treatment, stay indoors.

No to Electrolyse, threading, and waxing. Yes to...

If you thread, wax or go for an electrolyte treatment before you head out to your hair removal treatment, it can mess up the procedure. The reason being that these methods will adversely affect the hair follicle, thus leading to incompetent results during the clinical treatment.

You can, however, go for shaving as it won’t disrupt your hair follicles. However, make sure you use a clean new razor for that.

What’s your skincare regime? Caution ahead!

Well, if you’re using certain beauty products or say, fairness creams or ointments to get rid of stretch marks, consult a physician and let him or her before the treatment. Certain balms may contain the following –

salicylic acid

benzoyl peroxide

alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)

These, along with a few others, may cause skin rashes or irritations, and hence, in case you use products with these ingredients, stop at least one week ahead of your hair removal procedure.

Don’t over-expect

You may not see the complete elimination of hair in the first sitting. Wait till the treatment is complete. While most cosmetic surgeons assure total hair loss for life, sometimes hormones may act up, and a few hair follicles may pop out.

However, for consultation, it’s best you look up online and pick leading cosmetic clinics. For example, a good option is Medical Cosmetics.

[Note – There isn’t much discomfort during hair removal treatment. In case of any pain, the medical agencies will provide a numbing cream for comfort.]

Well, there you go. Now, you can smoothly go for all your hair removal needs without fear. Worry not and pick the clinic you feel has mojo. These clinics also offer liposuction & Botox in Nottingham. Unleash the inner Gigi Hadid inside you after one such session. Or a Cindy Crawford.

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