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Posted by Choice Building Inspections on September 21st, 2018

When you are intending to build a building on a block of land, the first step you should do is to hire a building inspector. They are the professionals who would assure you whether the land is perfect for raising a building. In a city like Perth, you can find a lot of building inspectors. Even Google search would fetch you the same results. However, do not settle down for the very first inspector you come across. Building inspections in Australia should be done by an experienced professional who is extremely good at observing properties and predicting the future of a building in it. This article will guide you on how to choose the right building inspector in Australia.

Points to note

Performing new home building inspections in Perth is a tedious job to do, especially when it comes to observing the structure of the land. There are several points to consider here. And with the combination of right skills and knowledge, a building inspector could help you out in understanding the future of a building raised on some specific property. Listed below are some of the points worth considering while you hire a building inspector:

  • Good reviews: The first step to consider while hiring a building inspector is to check his reputation in the concerned market. You should go through the profile of each inspector (in case you are searching on the internet), observe his track records in the past, and check for positive client reviews. If you are satisfied, you are good to go.
  • Interviewing the inspectors: There are plenty of inspectors with little to no knowledge in the field of inspections. Hence, to save yourself from fraud inspectors, take their interviews and check for yourself whether the concerned inspector is worth giving a shot.
  • Check for certification: This is the most important step one should consider while hiring a building inspector. It’s true that you should always prefer the knowledgeable inspectors over others. But side by side, you should also look for validation, degrees or valid certificates an inspector possesses. Hence, choose the most qualified one (if the price doesn’t concern you).


While the above-mentioned points stand true for selecting an inspector, there are also several other factors worth mentioning. For example, you should ask your inspector to provide some assurance, warranties on his/her verdict of the land. Written assurance during property inspection in Perth can compensate you in case you come across financial loses (related to the building) in the future. 

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