Salesforce Training and its Importance in your carrier

Posted by Riley Louis on September 21st, 2018

In this world of multiple services and products competing to garner attention and demand for purchase by the customers, it is imperative that they must be marketed and sold well, with proper strategy. The marketing and sales personnel in an organisation must therefore aptly know the sales skills, tools to increase productivity, and knowledge of the product or service to market it effectively.

Companies and organisations usually keep training programs in offices to teach the recruits ways to excel in sales and marketing of its products or services. World renowned CRM software – Salesforce has triggered a huge revolution in this regard. The Salesforce technology has made life simpler and advanced as it increases ROI, helps in smooth communication with clients, exchange information among team members, track progress, and manage their schedules.

Salesforce is an all-in-one CRM software which helps in enhancing company’s profit and productivity. With Salesforce, Sales employees can easily keep track of their clients, communications, documents, schedules, and customer response. It is thus becoming essential to have a Salesforce trained staff in an organisation in order to have a well-structured cloud-computing-based sales-and-customer relation record and operation system. It is always sensible that the sales team of an organisation must utilize every feature of Salesforce, to run several operations successfully and to meet business challenges with effective solutions.

A job-ready professional is much more desired for recruitment by any company if he has a certification or training in Salesforce. These days, even various organisations organise special Salesforce training programs within their offices, in order to get their staff effectively trained in using the tool. At times, working professionals also take up weekend online courses in Salesforce certification in order to upgrade their professional profile and earn better salaries and experience better job satisfaction. According to a study done by Market Tools Inc, clients reported a 132 percent increase in their sales pipeline when they were properly educated on Salesforce.

Organising Salesforce training sessions for employees in a company or an organisation, helps in following ways:

  1. It gives great return on investment. When a company invests in training its staff in Salesforce, it only ends up making its staff more efficient and skilled in handling its customer base, thus helping in increasing productivity, expanding business and bringing in more profit.
  2. Training staff in Salesforce brings about optimisation of business operations, greater customer satisfaction, streamlining of customer record and response.
  1. Training helps in data regulation and standardisation of all records of the company. Dashboards and reports that allow managers to make smart business decisions rely on accurate, complete and quality data. The training sessions help employees gain a clear understanding of structuring data in Salesforce and how to log and use that data.
  1. Progress of the entire team working in Sales and Marketing department can be effectively tracked and traced through Salesforce. Company head can view the strengths and weaknesses of the team and target the problem areas to increase efficiency.
  1. Salesforce training empowers employees with work satisfaction, which brings forth customer satisfaction. Employees trained in Salesforce acquire better work profile as well as lucrative salary packages. Their skill and knowledge streamlines the entire sales and marketing work leading to better and prompt customer service and satisfaction. A Salesforce trained employee is trained in the art and science of convincing a customer or clients to buy products or services. Salesforce enables the employee become fully-knowledgeable and insightful of the products or services of the company, thus help him push sales to potential customer or clients and close huge deals.

Freshers looking for jobs, or even housewives who wish to work from home, if once get trained in Salesforce, they are able to grab opportunities to work on-site or as freelancers with reputed MNCs or progressive start-ups, which offer them great work exposure and handsome salaries. Even professionals, who are looking for enhancing their career prospects and are in hunt for better work opportunities and pay scale in order to heighten their career graph, must get trained in Salesforce, either through on-site classes or virtual, self-paced classes conducted online.

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