How IoT is Evolving in Mobile App Development Process?

Posted by Fluper on September 21st, 2018

Technology all over the world is advancing at a rapid pace, gradually turning every science fiction into reality. When talking about technology, no one can forget to take the name of Smartphone. The Smartphone world is rapidly evolving and all credit for this growth goes to the mobile apps. It's unbelievable, yet factual that currently 2.1 billion people worldwide own a Smartphone, and engaging with different kinds of apps. It is amazing that mobile apps have captured every aspect of our lives. Nowadays, your Smartphone has become smarter, because in just a click you can easily switch on and off the air conditioner, fan and light of your room and office. Sounds interesting? Well, let me clear you that this is possible only via Internet of Things. Users can impeccably connect to the world using tablet and smartphone, as Internet of Things (IoT) begins to take off. It has now become the technology of the stacks.

We are right now in the middle of a great revolution, which goes by the name of The Internet of Things development. At present, everybody is ready to adopt IoT solutions, employ the best IoT developers, and possess IoT devices. Therefore, mobile application development companies are trying their best to create mobile apps that are IoT-friendly, because it can create a robust consumer attraction. In fact, we can see that apps are more functional and streamlined now, compared to earlier apps.

As the trend of connecting physical devices in the home or the office is increasing, we can mention that controlling them through handheld devices like Smartphone’s and tablets gain a fast impetus. It gives rise to the IoT mobile apps. Here, I am going to discuss that how IoT is influencing the mobile application development-

Reduction in Human Effort

Primarily, the major impact of internet of things is that provides so much ease to users. Nowadays, with so much interactivity of the internet with the mobiles devices, technology has been able to manage many tasks for the users. This, as a result, reduces the amount of time and effort that top mobile app developers put in building an app. IoT itself is a big thing, therefore mobile app developers are keen to develop IoT devices.

More Scope to Develop App for Multiple Industries

As a fast-growing technology, IoT is touching various industry verticals including healthcare, transportation, agriculture, education, and energy. To make benefit of this, app developers are trying to make use of IoT solutions in every sector, which as a result increasing the productivity in these sectors. For example, the implementation of IoT in healthcare apps has made keeping track of their health easier. A smartphone can interact with fitness equipment as well as smart watch to enhance user experience. In the retail sector, the location tracking facility is possible via IoT so that the customers can track their order easily.

Increased Demand for Specialized IoT Developers

It is clear that the popularity of IoT will never be going to be diminished. In short, IoT has formed a massive market demand for development of apps for them. Due to this, companies could begin to place greater value on hiring Android and iOS app developer, specialized in the IoT niche. This is a great opportunity for developers to furnish themselves in this competitive world.

Access to More Open Source Platforms

App developers have already started getting support from Google for IoT devices. You all may have heard about the Dart programming language, which is used, to make IoT based mobile apps. In the coming year, many big names coming forward to launch platforms that would ease the IoT mobile app development process.

Brand Promotion

A mobile app with the IoT support can make possible for your customers to utilize specific devices or products with easiness. In a way, you can promote your brand and magnetize more people. If you want to make a unique app, then IoT is a better option. An app that is unable to connect with smart things could be in danger!

Increased Scope for Hybrid Apps

Mobile users are constantly finding new ways to connect with objects and people. Keeping this in mind, app developers build their UI/UX design that can fulfill the requirements of other devices as well. This facilitates easy connectivity between devices.

The Bottom Line-

With all the facets considered, it is obvious that IoT is one of the biggest revolutions in the technology industry! The advent of IoT happened at the right time. With time, there will be numbers of IoT apps that will benefit businesses and customers worldwide. By the end of the year 2021, IoT installed devices across the globe estimated to reach 36 billion, as per recent statistics.

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