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Posted by Chandni Pandey on September 21st, 2018

If you are one who wants to become a professional photographer in any specific field such as wedding photographer or portfolio shoot photographer then, it not only that you need DSLR Camera. The most important role played by lenses in photography and every professional Orlando wedding photographer use a variety of lenses and today I am going to cover and help you with which lenses you should go for. There are so many types of lenses super wide, wide, medium, close up etc. But before you start your photography or every professional photographer take care if you are going to shoot video or photo, Subject, and most important what budget given to the client or for the project you are shooting for. Once you are clear with this question then you will start thinking that you are walking in the right direction. Every lens used by a professional the worth more than 00, so it not easy to buy all, so today I am going to help you with the lens you can use on many occasions or situations.

Today I am going to help you with the name of the lenses used while photo shootings are 14mm Super Wide, 24mm Prime, TS-E 24mm, 16-35mm, 35mm, 50mm, 24-70mm, 135mm, 100mm, macro 100mm, 70-200mm zoom, 100-400mm zoom, 200-400mm zoom, and 1.4mm zoom Extender. This is all canon L series pro link lenses. There are much more lenses the above-given name is just and sample and example lenses, there are many other brands lenses you can go for as per your like. The reason you need to decide before shooting video or photo, there are few lenses which are good for video and few are good for photos. If you are looking to go for wide photography then you don’t need to go for 50mm lens as it is not good for short and wide range photo shoot as you will not get that crisp photo you normally professional photographer look in. If you are looking to go for a lens which will full fill your both needs then you need to go for 70-200mm zoom lens as it will help you for both cases if you want to go for photo shoot or videography, this will help you to get same what you want while taking photo or video. This will help you give you the best video or photo in the most cost-effective way. So that the reason you need to clear with a 1st step which option you want to go for Photo or Video. As it’s not easy for you to carry all your lenses to the location you are shooting as it’s so expensive and it may get damaged while traveling or if you don’t take care properly. So once you are clear with the subject you need to be working for then it will be easy for you select lens as per that carry easily with an issue or damage. For example, you are going for Wedding photographer Orlando or any XYZ city, so the most used lenses are wide, super wide and close up one. If you have any more question or concern stay tune with our article and you will get an answer to all your asked questions.

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