SacoTech: A New Concept in Diamond Investment

Posted by rohny01 on September 21st, 2018

In a world where personal finances can just as quickly disappear as stock market investments, it's good to know there is one solid investment that never lets you down in an unstable world: diamonds.

As much as they are considered to be the plaything of the rich, diamond investment is actively being bought into the reach, and hands, of ordinary people like you and me, thanks to South Africa online auction house Sacotech.

Investing in diamonds is not just a status symbol these days, but common sense: they are what the public wants: a stable secure  investment that appreciates over time.

So the Sacotech Innovative Co-Invest Platform (SICP) helps to redefine the approach of diamond investment that brings the glitter to the masses, and not just to the playgrounds of the rich.

Dubbed the world's fastest-growing diamond auction place, it brings diamond sellers, buyers and investors on one platform for the first time. It's where investors can anticipate greater profit margins as it dispenses with the operating expenses charged by many offline traditional auction houses.

Sacotech brings bidders to over 14,000 auctions a year, allows secure transactions, easy bidding and extensive searching. The network supports more than 1350 auctioneers who vet the quality, estimate the value and ensure professional handling of each item.

Investing in diamonds has become more popular as they are considered resilient to the financial markets of the day and durable over the long-term, ensuring that an investment today will always appreciate tomorrow.

As a shared auction platform, the SICP Programborrows the power of sharing to exchange more capital chips for more diamonds with investment potential and to obtain higher auction revenue. 

The platform shares the proceeds from the auction with participating users. This sharing mode changes the rules of traditional auctions and allows ordinary people to join in a diamond auction.

The unique selling point of SICP is that an investor can transact anywhere in the world, easily converting their investments into cash. And the selling and buying can be done at any time as diamond prices are not impacted or influenced by geopolitical and legal issues.

"We want to be the first company in the industry to launch such a platform, and this year we achieved it," commented Sacotech CEO Edward Norman. "Our SICP Program has now but penetrated the diamond-selling markets."

The new SICP Program offers auctions for rough diamonds, polished diamonds and private auctions. The auctions for rough diamonds enable customers to combine rough diamond purchases in single-unit spot auctions, as well as multiple-unit spot auctions and forward contract auctions.

Sacotech prepares and offers for sale a spectrum of rough diamond products ranging from very high end, unique and unusual stones.

Its product mix caters to the needs of both specialist and generalist customers and ensures the colour, quality, size and model profiles of our rough products closely match their customers' requirements.

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