Best techniques and tactics to play Pickleball

Posted by Risen Hatch on September 21st, 2018

Hold Paddle

Paddle right in front of you, play hand flat against it and then slide to grip. Keep wrist 'firm'.

Start position :

Paddle at 10 o'clock (2 hours for lefty), slightly above the net edge. Body parallel to the net (never screw in), so hips forward. Keep following the ball with your paddle (paddle tracking), so do not swing through like in tennis.

Hitting a ball

Always in front of you and never walk back / shy (unless for a lobe). This applies if you are in the back / halfway and in the front. Core: 'catch' the ball and absorb the speed

Move at the kitchen line

Feet side by side on shoulder width, legs bent. Move sideways, cross legs! And stay close to the kitchen line

Standing still

Stop running as soon as the other party hits the ball


Ends with blade of paddle slightly upwards. Do not 'overflippen'. No wrist movement but from shoulder. Do not 'scoop' = spoon (takes you out of position) more about paddle position elaborated in this pickleball paddle material blog. And do not walk around your backhand. Treat the ball as a raw egg.

3 e shot drop

P reparation: 1. step back, let the ball drop

  1. move left foot forward, use left arm for balance
  2. paddle for your body, arm stretched

P ace: soft, with a curve, highest point (approx. 1.70 m) is in the middle of the kitchen, so 1 meter in front of the net

P lacement: make a choice, along the line or in the middle


Attacking lobe : straight (faster on the ground), on the backhand and not too high (gives too much time). From dink rally and make sure that other people do not see that you are going to lob. Play from your shoulder and practice well before the warmup session.

To catch a lob : immediately walk sideways to the back with bend (question mark shape) so not straight to where the ball comes down. Always keep an eye on the ball. Return: preferably dropshot because that gives you more time (and more chance) than a drive. Emergency solution: high lob back


Short movement. No entry or exit.


Practice dry (without ball): keep the paddle at 5 o'clock at the right (ie down) and then turn it to 12 o'clock. Backhand from 7 to 12 hours. Flat movement.


In case of an unexpected attack: stand upright and keep your paddle still

When you see it coming: step back and hit the ball diagonally down (light spin)

For Light Spin check out some light spin paddles to enhance your game.

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