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Virtual Phone Systems- Why You Need Them for Your Business

Posted by sonika1978 on September 22nd, 2018

Virtual Phone System, unlike a traditional phone system, is a communication set up over the internet that lets you make calls from any smart device or a laptop. Ease and flexibility being the foremost USPs of such a system, it helps you configure your business communication system rather quickly and efficiently.

Why Virtual Phone Systems?

  • Great Value and Affordability: With the basic fundamental features of a traditional phone system like call forwarding, voice mail and added features like auto attendant; a virtual phone system offers a great value to business users. It also being a cost effective system makes it a real affordable option for smaller and medium businesses who want to have an economical yet professional business phone system.


  • Ease of Set up and Use: Virtual phone systems are quite easy to set up and can be up and running in a day or two. These systems also offer a great deal of ease of usability as they can be configured or customized easily through system provider’s online portal. You can add extensions users, monitor call logs and manage voicemail messages through your online account.


  • Host of Utility features: You can have toll-free number, unlimited calling or conferencing and may even subscribe to additional services like fax service and texting. The auto attendant feature can help you save cost of employing a front office receptionist. You can even configure the auto attendant to be a promoter of your company’s offerings and special offers. Voicemail feature of alternatives is also a great one as the system offers flexibility to the staff of either answering the call immediately or passing it on to the voicemail.


  • Round the Clock connectivity: A virtual phone system helps you stay in contact with your customer 24x7. It is a great means to cater to communications needs of businesses having remote workforce or a mobile personnel as calls can easily be routed to their mobile devices.


  • Secure and Reliable: It is really important to safeguard business communications and a virtual phone system offers you that peace of mind. With the implementation of effective security measures like encrypted networks and multiple authentication layers, a reputed and trusted virtual phone system service provider lets your business communications secure and reliable.


  • 24X7 Customer Support: You will be ensured of a seamless business communication services through a virtual phone system as the system provider will have a round the clock service and support unit for your communication set up. You need not worry about any potential break down and are not required to keep a paid service and support staff at your premises or an outsourced one as your all communication network will be monitored and service by the virtual phone system service provider.

With such a host of benefits, Virtual phone systems are becoming a much sought after business communication solutions. With a blend of an automated and customized communication system having a hassle free set up, these systems are proving out to be a great resource for smaller and medium enterprises.

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