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Posted by Riley Louis on September 22nd, 2018

As of 2017, Salesforce came across as highly-valued and massively used cloud computing CRM software worldwide. In a very short span of time, Salesforce has received widespread applicability in multiple industry domains. In today’s time, Salesforce is considered as one of the most advanced software which undergoes about 3 upgrades every year catering to the ever-evolving and growing needs of companies of various sizes. Google reports it as one of the most searched and sought-after CRM softwares on the search engine.

We shall take a quick glimpse at some features that are predicted to be added with Salesforce in the upcoming years.

But before we do so, it’s worth a while to take a quick peek into the recent past and developments that happened with Salesforce by mid of 2018.

  • Salesforce has been dominating the worldwide CRM market with a market share of 19.6% by the start of 2018.
  • Customers of Salesforce: 150, 000.
  • Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from Sales Cloud sales: 34%.
  • Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from App Cloud Sales: 21%.
  • Percentage of Salesforce revenue that comes from Marketing Cloud Sales: 15%.
  • Salesforce Revenue for Financial Year 2017-18: .5 billions.
  • Percentage of Fortune 500 companies that are Salesforce customers: 83%.

Now let us have a look at some key points reflecting the future scope in Salesforce:

  • Salesforce’s Sales in fiscal 2018 were .5 billion, up 25% year over year. In January 2018, Salesforce management has set long-term goals of billion revenue by 2022, billion by 2028, and billion by 2034. 
  • Salesforce Einstein is all set to take over the market in 2018. With several advancements in deep learning, predictive analytics, and other upgrades, Einstein is predicted to stand as a more powerful and effective technology.
  • Salesforce has taken a progressive step in establishing a link between CRM and AI. The future Salesforce features will make use of AI to solve certain business scenarios like Squirro, Digital Genius, etc.
  • Google initiated alliance with Salesforce in 2017 and this partnership will open the doorway for Salesforce to use Google’s cloud infrastructure for greater expansion of its core services.
  • The integration of Google Analytics 360 has been the recent development that will help the customers to connect their CRM insights with powerful data in analytics. It is predicted to be followed by Lightning for Gmail, Quip Live apps for Google Drive, etc. 
  • Salesforce will soon provide connectors to Google’s data warehouse service, Google BigQuery which will enable the users to combine their data with other available enterprise datasets.
  • Increased adoption of Salesforce, and its continuous introduction of new features and products will make marketing cloud will expand ever more. Recently, it extended its capabilities by providing endless integrations with MailChimp, Hubspot, SAP, etc. The coming years will witness more such integrations and developments.
  • The alliance between Salesforce and IBM will witness Salesforce Einstein enhancing the technology across Sales and Marketing, Services & Support and accumulating knowledge with Watson from the collection of unstructured and structured data to realize the customer-centric data.
  • With each passing year, more and more industries are banking upon CRM cloud computing software of Salesforce. The demand for its services is increasing on a large scale. Banking, hospitality, health and education sector have immensely progressed and have won customer loyalty through Salesforce. In the near future, many other industries and businesses are expected to debut their Salesforce installation to taste success.
  • Salesforce’s Lightning - a new, cost-effective UI edition with amazing analyzing and visual features - will result in huge implementation and a tremendous increase in demand. There is great speculation and estimate that the existing clients will gradually make a shift to the Salesforce Lightning from the Classic view. The upcoming year will witness addition of new functionalities and features to the Lightning UI, which will make it more popular and impactful.
  • Salesforce has recently reported that it will add data science capabilities to its Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. A reported 71% of businesses invest in business intelligence and big data, and of those, 20% have reported making substantial investments.

Ninety-one percent of companies using Salesforce give their feedback that their marketing teams maintain a great relationship with clients and consumers. The organizations that use Salesforce believe that they can deliver more personalized experiences to their clients and customers. More than 70% of the organizations also reported that Salesforce makes it possible to address customer needs more effectively. The points discussed above and the feedback by the companies using Salesforce show that Salesforce as service software in the near future is on its way to become a ubiquitous tool for client-driven companies around the world.

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