Why hackers attack on WordPress sites only?

Posted by Oaky Web on September 24th, 2018

WordPress is the popular and extensively used CMS platform for website development, since it is commonly used for dynamic website designing hence the get excessive attacks from the hackers too. Hackers attack WP sites most; it doesn’t mean that the platform is less secured and easy to be attacked but the facts behind is its popularity and extensive use too. Every website either its static or dynamic, ecommerce or informative website all are vulnerable to be hacked hence follow the strict security reasons too but though WP sites are being attacked most hence the dedicated hosting service provider suggest to opt highly secured WP hosting as well.

Since the different kinds of hackers and attacker have diversified motives to hack a site, some do it by curiosity to learn hacking and some have to intrude the functionality programming and some have the aim to inject malwares in programming, hence apart from extensive popular some reasons behind word press site hacking and apparently safety reasons along with highly secured and fastest cloud hosting are as follows:

Due to weak Web hosting

It is well understood that hosting is the only medium to make your site live through WWW but along with this it can provide entry to hackers too. If your website is hosted with weak or less secured hosting service than it will surely welcome to hackers and allow them intrude the site privacy and edit it too. So choose the best and secured web hosting service for your WordPress website.

Simple username & Passwords

The right combination of Username and password permits the user to take entry into the control and does whatever he/she do in favor of website after hosting attack, hacker try to trap your username and password so that they can intrude the C-Panel and fetch highly secured data/files. In such situation you have to more attentive and keep the set secured and unshared. Password should be stronger of 8 characters and must conation alpha, numeric and special symbol characters that make a long permutation to crack.

File Permission

File permission is one type authentication rights given by the web hosting company to web server to access and manages the files in relevant to requested by an authenticate browser and user as well. If the there is broken or misleading path link or permission has been granted than it will give an opportunity to hackers to hack the website file, and since a website is a set multiple WebPages and its interlinking and acute navigation hence something can be done round hence it necessary to test site first before making it live and analysis either there is a broken link or wrong file permission has not been authorized.

Since WordPress is quite popular for its dynamic attributes towards dynamic web design and development, plug-ins, themes etc hence extensively used by several professional and evenly freelancing web developers and dedicated hosting service provider offers dedicated WordPress hosting with outstanding server space, excellent bandwidth and highly secured admin panel authentication rights.

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