Choose Mobile CRM to Get Strategic Advantages for Your Business

Posted by Maulik Shah on September 24th, 2018

Nowadays, everyone is talking about how important it is to go for a mobile solution for your business. The benefits they describe makes you feel like building a mobile app of your own will work not less than a magic wand. But if there is such a buzz in the market, this becomes a fair question to ask. Can mobile really make such a huge difference to the bottom line of your business?

The answer is a resounding YES!

In the current competitive environment, your company’s strategic objectives have probably gotten more granular. Increasing sales through a mobile app by 20% is a corporate goal that just doesn’t cut as per Gartner survey. So, the real question for you here us, how exactly are you going to increase sales?

The strategic objectives of your organization will have to get more specific. This will help your organization to focus on fine tune the outcomes that you are planning. You will also have to check what impact it creates on the bottom line.

And, that is where CRM mobile app comes in. Customers these days expect you to come to them. So, agility in the field is a must have. It’s not good enough to just be there, either. You need to have the information that the customer needs now. Not tomorrow with a follow up phone call. You will have to have it Now. To close the deal today.

Some Questions You Need to Mull Over
Let me ask you 5 interesting questions and help you understand how businesses wish to drive their business through.

- Does your Managers wish to share data in real time?
- Do you wish to increase your average sale with a good margin?
- Wish to achieve maximum key field completion in customer records?
- Do you wish to reduce the billing lag time?
- Do you want to lower down the cost of sales?

Mobile CRM app can help you to achieve these strategic goals and make such wishes come true. The kind of goals that takes you ahead in the competition and gets money in the bank too.

Mobile CRM Helping Businesses to Take the Strategic Advantage for Your Sales Team
In today’s market it is important to differentiate yourself from the competition. Mobility is a way to increase the level of customer service.  

Your sales people might be having high motivation to close higher value sales. While that may seem like an obvious statement, do they have the best tools to accomplish that objective?

Here, Mobile CRM is tool that helps them to drive their motivation in the right direction. It gives them immediate access to product information, account histories, price listings and data on promotions. This helps them to smoothly accomplish their job and offer more option to customers to build good sales. That all while chucking the web of office hassles. No calling back to office to ask for approvals, no return calls, no delays!

Mobile CRM Helping You to Keep Great Salespeople
Mobile technology has become a key role-playing differentiator. Now, companies that don’t provide mobile CRM to their sales people will struggle to fill the vacancies left by those exiting for more agile employers. The ideal solution will allow each sales person to use the device that he or she is most comfortable with. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, an Android device or Windows or anything else, they will be more motivated to use it when they love it.

I am sure you also want to earn good revenues from your business. Some real good revenues. Mobile CRM can help you achieve this objective and will render umpteen benefits. So, if you are working on a CRM then it is the high time you should integrate your CRM with Mobile app. All CRM will allow you to get a customizable solution with extend features. For example, if you are using SuiteCRM for your business, you can integrate it with SuiteCRM mobile app. It will be a technically sound, cost-effective and high-end flexible solution with more features. It will work as a light and cost effective platform for your CRM app that hold a potential.

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