Problems of Rural Area Schools and its Solution

Posted by Riya Malhotra on September 24th, 2018

Problems of Rural Areas:

Rural Education In India

There is a big difference between rural schools and urban schools. In India, a large group of people lives in rural areas. The system of education in rural areas is not fully established. If we talk about rural school in India, then in rural areas there are only the majority of institutes. As compare to private institutes government schools are very much in rural areas. The number of rural areas does not have any school for the students which means students go for urban areas and another village to get the education. The overall quality of rural areas schools is not very good each classroom has multiple students in it. Teachers also feel difficulty to teach the whole class that is why a single teacher cannot pay attention for every single student. Poverty is one of the most important aspect of every society. Students who belongs to the middle class and they do not have the strong family background they suffer with poverty. Because of this poverty, they prefer to take admission in government institutes as compare to take admission in private institutes. The Indian government is not paying any attention towards the Higher education system in India that is why students cannot get a higher education.

Best Education Programs:

It is essential that the government make some educational programs to improve the children schools in rural areas. No doubt schooling matters a lot for the growth and development of the child. When a child take admission in school he starts following the rules and regulations of the school. So the things which students learn at school make him or her more reliable in life. To make the school system better in rural areas government must introduce some policies, best techniques, and programs for the students of rural areas schools. Useful websites for students in India providing better solutions for the students related to the preparation of future exams.

Highlight the Basic Problems:

One of the most important thing to highlights the all major problems of the rural areas schools. It will help to understand that which work is need to be implement for the betterment of schools. Good infrastructure is the most high priority issue in rural schools. All the schools have a poor infrastructure with no sitting arrangements. Most of the students attend the lectures by sitting on the floor.

Women Education:

Women is the basic element of every society but if we talk about rural areas then in rural areas women are not treated equally with men. Number of families do not allow their girls to study in school. So the government must introduced such policies for the betterment of women education in rural areas. Government must guide and facilitate the girls of rural areas with the basic right of education. If women start treating equally in society then women can also earn for her family in the future. No doubt in it that development of any country is based on educated men and women.

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