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Laws of Selling Your Car in Dubai

Posted by caralwayswanted on September 25th, 2018

There are certain laws, rules, and procedures that you must be familiar with when selling your used car in Dubai.

  • When preparing your car for sale, do not wash your car on the street or public parking else you may be fined a minimum AED 100.
  • Do ensure that you clean your car until it’s sold because parking dirty car in public car park attracts a minimum fine of AED 500.
  • Do not put a sign, advertisement or notice on the window of your car advertising its sale as this is illegal in UAE
  • Check the loan status of your car, Salik bills, and traffic fines. You cannot sell a car without clearing any outstanding fines or loans. You must approach RTA online for a certificate stating that you have cleared all the finances due on the car.
  • As per law, before you sell used car in Dubai, it is mandatory to get a Clearance Certificate from the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). The clearance certificate indicates that the car does not have any restrictions (mortgage) or traffic fines on the owner. It is valid for a period of 30 days and costs AED 70. It can be done only through the RTA website or RTA’s Dubai Drive mobile app.
  • A vehicle inspection certificate by RTA is mandatory for transferring the ownership of the used car to the new owner. RTA requires car sellers to have their vehicle undergo a vehicle inspection at any of the (Vehicle Testing Centre) VTC. It costs AED120.
  • RTA offers ‘Vehicle Condition Certificate’ of used cars to potential buyers for a fee of AED100. It provides the potential car buyers access to detailed historical information about the vehicle.
  • Once you have agreed with the buyer on the price, you can pick a time to carry the transaction at one of the several RTA centres.
  • Although the law requires the original car seller to be personally present along with the Emirates ID and RTA certificate at the RTA during the transaction, the seller can also grant Power of Attorney (PoA) to an individual to act on the behalf of the seller. The seller can else, choose an RTA-certified car seller, authorized to write sales agreement, and allows them the authority to transfer the ownership.
  • Loan transfer is not allowed since the car must be free of a mortgage as mentioned above.
  • If your insurance policy has more than 7 months remaining, you may transfer it to the new owner. However, if it is barely a few months away from its expiry date, it is best to cancel the policy and claim a refund.


Does selling your car in UAE sound like too much work? Do you have a used car for sale?

Selling a car through private sale using online classified sites takes time, involves lots of paperwork and you may not necessarily get the best price.

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