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Don?t Think About A DIY Alarm System For These Reasons!

Posted by happygirl on September 25th, 2018

If you are considering installing a home alarm system you are definitely doing the right thing. It is a known fact that burglars will avoid properties which have an intruder alarm  installed.  So now that you’ve made that decision you might be thinking of:

1)      Searching for a burglar alarm installation company

2)      Installing one yourself

Whilst we will always advocate for the former to ensure that your property is professionally secure there are reasons why you may want to install one yourself. Your local DIY store may sell them much more cheaply than the cost to get one installed professionally. But there are disadvantages to this choice.

1)      A “professional” burglar is going to be aware of which alarm systems can be bought in the local DIY store and those which are installed by a home alarm company. This makes a difference because they will know which ones are installed to current regulations and which aren’t. They will also guess that any sensors installed internally may not be in the correct or most appropriate locations.

2)      Alarms break and malfunction. Unless you test them regularly you may never know that they don’t work until it is too late and you’ve been burgled. An alarm installation company will offer a contract to maintain their systems.

3)      Unfortunately it is a fact that most neighbours will just ignore a ringing bell from a home alarm. Shocking though it is a survey found that just under 2% of people would phone the police about a ringing alarm. However, if your burglar alarm is monitored by a security company, an alarm tripped will not go unnoticed or be ignored. Depending on the level of contract, they will alert home owners and/or the police to the alarm so that they can investigate.

So whilst a DIY alarm may cost you less initially, it can cost you dearly in the long run.

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