What All Can Go Wrong with Drop Shipping Product Deliveries and How to Address I

Posted by Maulik Shah on September 26th, 2018

Shopping online is a real delight! But only if you get your order on the day you want. And it turns out to be exactly what you wanted. In a good condition, of course. “Hello Ma’am/Sir, we have dispatched your order. But it seems to have lost. We will find it soon or deliver you with a new product soon”. Statements like these sound nightmarish to customers. They feel like they have been conned or something. I am sure you have been through a situation like the one above.
Now, if you own a Magento E-store, a lot of things might have gone wrong with the shipping process. Especially, if you have a drop shipper that takes care of your shipping process. So, what are the things that can go wrong? And how can you address them? This article will acquaint you with the same.

Order Processing Delay

Let’s say you received an order through your e-store. And your manufacturer is different. So, you rush to them with the order and wait for them to process the order so that you can let the customer know that you have shipped it. Now, as and when your e-store grows, you can’t possibly email each and every customer of yours’ to let them know about the status of their order. Also, your customers expect to get their order on time.        

How to Address It?

24 hours is the usual time taken to process an order. But what would you do if you haven’t heard from your drop shipper and need to follow up? In this case, you need to be transparent with your customers and let them know when they can expect their orders. To make this process simpler, you can consider integrating a Track Order Extension with your e-store and let your customers know the status of the product. This brings a lot of clarity as the customers can know the reason for delay and when they can expect their product delivery.
It is necessary to have a Magento tracking extension because if a customer of yours’ has spent on one of your expensive products, they might end up calling you. Having an extension that reflects the status of their product enhances their trust in your brand.

The Wrong Product Blooper

Sending wrong products and getting a bad review is one of the worst nightmares that the ecommerce store owners face today. When you ship a wrong product to a customer, it creates a bad impression. Well, you can’t change what has happened. It is an unfortunate mistake and your reputation might suffer due to this.

How to Address It?

Well, prevention is always better than cure. So, before you strike a deal with one of the dropshippers, you must read all of their policies properly. It is better to know everything before you ship the product of your customers to them so that in case there are issues at a later stage, you can take a quick action and provide them with the right solution.
If you think it is a huge blooper on your part, it wouldn’t be wrong to offer discount to your customers or a gift that apologizes for the mistake on your part. You must also make sure that such mistakes are rare and do not happen again as they can make or break the impression of your brand.
Online shopping habits have become as natural as breathing. If you have a Magento track order extension in place, things will be easier for you. Do what it takes to provide flawless product deliveries to your customers. Rock it!

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