How Call-Back Technology Assists Contact Centers

Posted by Alvin Zoros on September 26th, 2018

The after-sales service of a company determines the number of customers they retain and even the new ones they can get.

A negative word-of-mouth review, if the customers face call abandonment, can always hurt their expectations.

In such a case, call-back technology has turned to be a savior for many contact centers who face customer call abandonment, due to a long list of customers calling them for assistance, at peak hours or otherwise.

Call-back technology is a great assistance to many call centers in the following ways:

  • Least Call Abandonment Rate: Holding a customer for long, without giving them assistance, could lead to call abandonment and an increase in the rate of abandonment. If this rate of abandoning the calls is high, no customer will trust the business.
  • No Leads Lost: Due to long call waits, businesses lose many leads, which in turn are counted as a loss to the business. But with the use of call-back technology, no leads are lost since the call center representatives could immediately call the caller to inquire about their cause of call.
  • Short Call-Handling Time: When the customers or callers are called back, they never need to be on a hold or wait for their turn. Thus, the technology always fosters the agents’ job and turns it quicker.
  • First-Call Resolution: While the call center representatives call the caller back, they generally do it by searching all the important details about him/her. They would know the issue ahead of time and have a higher likelihood of satisfying the caller on the first call.
  • Cost Reduction: Shorter calls also signify lower costs spent on the calls for contact centers. Thus, the technology also fosters the reduction of cost.
  • Improved Productivity: With the use of technology, the agents never need to make any significant efforts in calling the customers back. They just need simple clicks to perform the process. No doubt, this fosters agent productivity too.
  • Happy Customers: Customers get a perfect solution to their troubles within the very first call and in a very short period of time. What else do they require in terms of a good after-sales service?

Due to these benefits, many inbound call center services have adopted the customer call-back technology to reap innumerable rewards.

If you have a business and wish to outsource your contact center, you need to contact a great customer service outsourcing agency that uses call-back technology.

Through this, you could serve your customers better and never lose any of them on account of an increased caller volume etc. 

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