History of Czech Victorian Jewelry: An Overview

Posted by Alexzace on September 26th, 2018

Bohemia has become a part of Czech Republic and has played a vital role in the history of antique and costume jewelry. These jewelry pieces look immensely appealing with a glass center made up of Gallons. It is believed that at the turning end of the Victoria Era, a well-known jeweler called Daniel Swarovski brought to the fore these stunningly beautiful cut-glass crystals that look exactly as the precious most stones like emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds.

In the year1892, Swarovski who is thought to have a useful contribution in popularizing Victorian jewelry has patented a mechanical glass cutter so that he could produce these beautiful and precious looking glass pieces in bulk. After that this jewelry became very popular.

Czech Victorian jewelry is high in demand and Bohemian is known for bringing this jewelry before the world. It was Bohemian costume jewelers who pioneered a technique using which the looks of pearls can be replicated. This use of pearls instead of glass became immensely popular at the dawn of 20th century. In place of glass, jewelry makers used to cut the mother of pearls into beautiful and perfectly shaped beads, which were then shaped and polished until they began to resemble the real beautiful thing.

However, glass was continued to be used in the costume jewelry. Selro necklace made up of beautiful glass pieces look immensely appealing and graceful. It carries a dash of elegance. Use of glass in the Victorian Czech jewelry, is an important contribution to the Bohemia region and it was continued to be used long after the usage of pearl beads in the Czech jewelry.

Bead glass that bears a close resemblance with those produced in the Venice was used in the elegant necklaces which were worn by the flappers and used to look elegant in 1920. A singular glass stones or the beads or other cut and finely polished material also being used in these jewelry pieces making them look awesome.

With time several innovations have been made to this popular jewelry of the Victorian era. Eisenberg Rhinestone Earringsis one of the immensely popular jewelry pieces of the Victorian era. Different colors glass pieces and pearls are being used in these jewelries so that they can go well with different colors of the apparels. Later on, heavier rectangular brooches were crammed from their corners and precious Rhinestones are embedded in them. Rhinestones of the pleasing colors like emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue and amethyst purple are being used in these jewelry pieces.

Those who are fond of vintage and antique jewelry cannot turn their eye off from the beautiful Victorian jewelry. Bangles, pins, bracelets, necklaces all the types are available and can be purchased from a certified and reliable jewelry store.

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