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Posted by Kevin Clark on September 26th, 2018

Nowadays, fashion is more about personal style, setting the trends by making them your own. Girls like to embrace fashion and use style to depict their personality.

As you all know, celebrities are everywhere and we are curious to know everything about them. For instance, where they go more often and what they wear becomes the talk of the town. They adorn the cover of magazines and endorse coveted luxury items.

Fans like to follow every fashion move of their favorite celebrities. Whether it’s about Louis Vuitton bags, the "it" designer jeans, Gucci sunglasses or many other accessories, whatever they wear or use becomes a style statement.

Remember, they not only wear the latest fashions but also define fashion for others. Ultimately, the media exposure through magazines and all drives the ‘want’ factor of fashion.

Undoubtedly, celebrities are influential who get more and more attention, exposure and mindshare every now and then. Today, fashion has gone main-stream as high-end clothing designers create designer wear for mainstream retailers like Target and Wal-Mart.

Among all, Style & Society Magazine was founded by Kinya Claiborne. Previously the magazine covered puplic affairs, media relations, event marketing and community relation programs for international brands and entertainment industry clients in film, television, fashion, transportation, technology and consumer products.

Kinya Claiborne Style & Society serves as a perfect platform to share the best news and the hottest trends. The magazine publishes articles regarding online trending news and facilitates its readers with an exclusive front-row view of exciting events.

The Stylelist Kinya Claiborne is a television series and an extension of the online publication which actually premiered in June 2016 on ONX- an online video platform. Through this series, the weekly shows are hosted and co-executive produced by Kinya Claiborne.

The founder of the magazine is a StyleCon Influencer for the annual Stylecon convention in California. Basically, the convention celebrates women’s empowerment and includes current beauty and fashion trends. Today, the magazine is being followed by more than 95000 readers with monthly newsletter subscribers along with 20,000 unique visitors per month.

The magazine also celebrated its inaugural Summer Soiree in partnership with luxury skincare company- LeMieux Cosmetics on August 5th 2018 at the Le Mieux Beauty Suite in Pasadena, CA. The event was hosted by Kinya Claiborne who is a trendsetter in the Los Angeles fashion scene. So, check out the updates on fashion, society, travel, food and entertainment world through this magazine!!!

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