Cosmetic chemistry as the key for unique and safe cosmetic formulation

Posted by Oliver Perez on September 26th, 2018

What is cosmetic chemistryas a scienceabout?

Cosmetic chemistry is a branch of science, the main goal of which is the creation and production of cosmetics for caring and improvement the appearance of a person. The main products of this science are shampoos, soaps, creams, and mainly skin care products, where knowledge about combinations of different ingredients and their effect is crucial. Such science helps to understand which formulas are unique, innovative and absolutely safe. It helps to orient in the field of cosmetics and to not produce ineffective products. Generally, this science is about:

  • basic forms of cosmetics;
  • abilities of different active ingredients;
  • the role of basic and active substances in the product;
  • possible combinations of components;
  • skin microbiome and its meaning;
  • the effect of skin enzymes on ingredients;
  • the relationship between skin biochemistry and the effects of cosmetic products.

When designing cosmetics for face, body and hair care, it is important to take into account the factors of the modern world that affect our skin, such as bad environment conditions or unhealthy lifestyle, and choose the elements and ingredients that can prevent the negative effects of external, as well as internal factors. Ecology, polluted air, unhealthy nutrition, and even the condition of the internal organs have effects on our appearance and hair or skin can react to any problems that can arise in our body or around us. Some scientists argue that even emotions can affect the condition of our skin and hair and in the pace of our lives, it is impossible to live without stress, which also has a bad influence on us.

Therefore, cosmetic manufacturers are aimed at meeting the needs of the modern consumer and cosmetic chemistry exists for a successful combination of elements and ingredients, so that the cosmetic products give the maximum result for the user, stimulate sales and increase the income for the owner of the cosmetic brand.


cosmetic chemistry


Companies of Australia, cosmetics of which are well-known all over the world, use the contract manufacturing in order to facilitate the production process. Australian cosmetic companies such as understand the importance of cosmetic chemistry and know the secret of using it in order to satisfy the needs of different segments on the market.

Perfect ingredients: stimulation of sales through information on the label

The quality, a successful combination of ingredients and naturalness of cosmetics are important for meeting the needs of cosmetic users. So, during the development of the formulation and putting a different type of components, please remember the fact, that we live in the world of modern technologies and it will be very difficult to deceive the buyers. People, when buying cosmetics, are divided into two types: those, who do not even look at the components and do not think about how safe it is for their health, and those, who are carefully acquainted with the label information, because they are concerned about what kind of effects chosen by them cosmetics would have. Such customers are demanding. They no longer believe in advertising, but want to understand the composition of cosmetic products and what exactly they put on the face or the body.

In the modern world, even if the buyer does not have knowledge of cosmetology and substances that cosmetic products can contain, there are hundreds of articles on the Internet that reveal the benefits or damage, that one or another element can cause. It means, that all unfamiliar components can easily be verified online. So, during the chemical process of making cosmetics, you need to be careful and try to develop a product with the ingredients, which will meet expectations of buyers in the best way because it is very easy to analyze a cosmetic product label.

When reading labels, it is important to determine the main active substance, method of extraction and processing of active ingredients, because this information indicates the effectiveness of the cosmetic product; find out what are the properties of the components that were used in the formulation. Today it is possible to find out how the active ingredients are combined: is there a synergistic effect, are there any direct allergens (for example, acid). From this point of view, the more numbers of components in the cosmetics, the more such product is suspicious in sense of quality, effect, and safety. It is important to understand whether the cosmetics intended for usage at home and don't have any unacceptable active substances.

Thanks to the professionals of AUS Cosmetics, perfectly balanced cosmetic formulas with a synergistic effect can be obtained. Specialists in the field of cosmetic chemistry, such as chemists and analytical chemists, understand the direction of action and the degree of effectiveness of cosmetic products. They have the ability to choose ingredients for the cosmetics that best suit for each client; the ability to prevent allergic reactions during the procedure; the ability to explain to the client, why it is necessary to use one type or another type of skin care cosmetics because they have all required knowledge. Contract manufacturing gives a possibility to choose good quality ingredients even for production of wholesale cosmetics. Australia, having rich natural resources and technologies for their obtaining and processing, has access to a big number of quality and natural components in large sizes.

The secrets of the popularity of Australian cosmetic companies

If you want to develop cosmetics for skin care in Australia — it's your preference for being successful not only in the domestic market but also to expand your business outside.

The complexity of transportation is the only drawback that affects the spread of Australian cosmetics around the world. Australian manufacturers use the riches of the specific nature of the continent, trying to create natural products, and are keen on finding ideal combinations and concentrations. And thanks to the knowledge in the field of the formulation of quality cosmetics, Australia has skin care products that are the most demanded and well-known around the world. The minimum amount of doubtful substances, attractive eco-friendly packaging, a concentration of active ingredients, knowledge in the field of pharmaceutics and chemistry, no testing on animals — all these factors distinguish Australian cosmetics among others and make it as an example for other cosmetic brands.

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