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Posted by Andrew kim lerry on September 27th, 2018

Have you ever wondered why bean bags are called bean bags and nothing else? The name of this product makes a sense, because bean bags really are bags, which are filled up with small pieces of foam or PVC. The inside pieces of bags are just about as small as beans. So, that's the whole story. Because it has no fixed consistency, bean bags give you a wider range of usage than any other furniture. Bigger the bag is, wider the range of possible applications gets. To fully uncover their potential, let's take a look at extra large bean bags and see, what are some ways you can use them.

A chair: obvious answer to our question of how one can use extra large bags is for sitting purposes. Lately, bean bags have been gaining popularity among all types of customers, especially kids and teenagers. They are often recommended for gamers, as one of the most comfortable and risk-free sittings for long gaming process. Remember what we said above about its consistency? Because of this reason, bean bags work really well as an enjoyable chair, because you don't have to fit and get comfortable on a chair anymore, bean bag chair will fit you instead.


A bed: some bean bags are so big in size that they can actually be used as a bed. This will give you an opportunity to save up a lot of money on actual bed, mattress and pillows, because just one extra large bean bag can be all of them. You will get to enjoy not only their multi-functionality, but other great qualities that come with it, such as softness, mobility, lightness, style and many more.

Hammock: Extra large bean bags are used not only for indoor, but also outdoor interior. If you have been wondering how you can turn a bean bag into something unique, here's one of the ways - use it as a hammock. Do not forget that this bag is filled with many little pieces, so, be careful while setting it up.

We are sure that extra large bean bags can make every home a little better. Brighten up your place and turn it into something that makes every one of your guests feel at home instantly.

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