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Posted by coleenstela on September 27th, 2018

Determining child custody in Georgia can be difficult under the best circumstances, and experienced Atlanta Child Custody Lawyer can help navigate this complex territory. Child custody is a complex matter, whether in the context of a divorce, separation, domestic violence or child abuse allegations, or move-away cases. Parental rights and children’s rights obviously take precedence, but the state also has an express interest in the welfare of minors. This may increase the number of participants involved in any child custody dispute. To talk with an Atlanta child custody lawyer, please call 833-732-6529, 

or contact us via email. We are skilled in upholding:

  • The rights of mothers
  • The rights of fathers
  • The rights of grandparents
  • We are also experienced in issues related to:
  • Terminating parents’ rights, such as in adoption cases
  • ICWA issues involving Native American children
  • Sole custody vs. shared custody issues
  • Modifying custody orders when circumstances change
  • Interstate custody enforcement and registration
  • Custody cases involving expats and international matters

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