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5 Ways to Save Money While Using Your Clothes Dryer

Posted by abtelectronics1 on September 27th, 2018

If you're looking to purchase new clothes dryers on sale you're obviously someone who wants to save some money. Major home appliances are expensive, and you want to get a good deal and a great product. But don't let the money savings stop there. Continue to save money after you buy your dryer by following these 7 money-saving tips. 

1. Use Moisture Sensor Setting 

A function you should be on the lookout for when purchasing a new dryer is the moisture sensor setting. When turned to this setting, the machine will sense the moisture in the clothes as it dries and will adjust accordingly. This way, the dryer will not run any longer than it needs to run. 

2. Use Cool Down Cycle 

This is another function to keep in mind when purchasing a new machine. If your machine has a cool down cycle, that means towards the end of the drying cycle the machine will stop producing heat and continue to dry your clothes with the residual heat left. Simply put: less heat used, more money saved. 

3. Throw in Dryer Balls 

Purchase some plastic or wool dryer balls to help cut down on drying time and soften your clothes at the same time. These reusable balls comes in packages of multiples and can be thrown in your clothes 2 or 3 at a time. As they tumble, the balls help to separate clothes and reduce clumping allowing more air to reach the clothes. 

4. Do Loads Consecutively 

Your dryer will retain heat immediately after it has stopped. Utilize that heat and plan to do multiple loads consecutively so you can put the next load in the dryer after the previous load. This way you won't need to run the dryer as long on the next load because it's already hot. 

5. Look for Energy Star 

A final perk to look for when searching for new clothes dryers on sale is whether or not they're energy efficient. An Energy Star dryer is said to use 20% less energy than conventional dryers. Of course, this means less money you'll need to spend on the cost of running your new machine. 

These 5 tips are important to consider as you're buying clothes dryers on sale and when using your new machine at home. Refer back to them as often as needed to help yourself make wise, cost-effective choices.

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