Safety Is the First Priority For Pet Bottle Preform

Posted by preform nicole on September 28th, 2018

To ensure optimum performance and excellent end products, it is necessary to clean the pet blower. Although standard blow molding and custom blow molding are somewhat different, the blow molding design is similar enough to have no real impact on the purge process. Purging is essential even for extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding.
Blow molding
Safety first
Safety is the number one priority if you plan to remove standard or custom blow molded Pet Bottle Preform. Therefore, regardless of the material, it is important to follow all necessary safety procedures before starting and shutting down. You need to wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and goggles and use a protective cover. If the machine has a ventilator, clean the area around the plug and vents before sealing.
Step by step clear instructions
Thoroughly clean the barrel, mold and screw of the machine with high quality cleaning compounds made from base resin and various additives. In addition to choosing the right compound grade and type, be careful to follow all directions. In this way, the compound is resistant to carbon and color contamination.
Maintaining the correct temperature is a must for the purge compound manufacturer.
Close the feed throat on existing additives, resins and colorants and empty the machine. You also need to clean the feed throat, loader hose and hopper.
To get the correct mold opening, remove the filter assembly.
Typically, cleaning is twice the capacity of the barrel. However, depending on the condition of the device, more may be needed.
In order to achieve maximum results, the cleaning should rise, foam or swell.
After the purge process is complete, clean the mold surface and install a new filter assembly. If necessary, the mold can be adjusted at this time.
Beneficial purification tips
If you need help choosing the right grade and type of purification compound or purification process itself, please consult a reputable source such as a manufacturer. For a heavily contaminated machine, a colorant or liquid pigment containing carbon or a highly loaded pigment can provide a soaking product. You can use these products before cleaning to help clean the compound.
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