Fifa 19 coins tutorial ? How to get coins in Fifa 19

Posted by Thomas Pfeffer on September 28th, 2018

Does Fifa 19 tutorial works?

The FIFA Saga has always been characterized by a large number of official licenses, although until this season we have not managed to take advantage of the UEFA Champions League and other European tournaments. On this good news, we must agree that FIFA 19 has streamlined its gameplay, including its new content, and optimized its graphics to help us achieve the most balanced and entertaining version of recent years.

In search of a more realistic style of play, the pace of the games is reduced and although we continue to enjoy a fast, vertical and mixed competition, we find that development has increased and is more expensive to achieve. other area. One of the main reasons is that the passes are balanced and that, for this occasion, you need a more precise and demanding system (especially for long journeys) which forces us to think about the power of battle, the player's skills and orientation. in the field. Get extra information about

The flights became more important in the notation. The title contains a variety of new and spectacular animations for these auctions, something that offers more variety for punches, although it has become an extremely effective source. The new animation system is also very positive in control and finds a huge amount of resources to stop and steer the ball. In this sense, not all players can perform the most spectacular moves, which also happens when dribbling.

Another point that has significantly improved FIFA 19 is the split ball and a more credible conflict resolution system. Now, there are new animations when two players fight for a divided ball, a mechanic who tries to push back and stop the rival's head. This resulted in less clean flights and a style of play with a wider variety of situations that made the battle consistent for the credible ball.

Why do you need to have a box full of Coins and Points?

If you're ready to beat the competition at any cost, you can invest in EA Access if you own an XBox One or in Origin Access if you play on your PC. You will not use the market if you find that the FUT 19 web application is already running (unless you are the first player), but you will be among the first to collect coins in games. If you are a good player, you can win the most important wins of the season.

If there's no problem with money, there's a much easier way to get coins for your first investment - buying FIFA points. If there is a good time, it is at the beginning of the game. The chances of getting a good regular card are the same, but their prices increase one to two weeks later when more money comes on the market and price margins increase. At this time of the season, you can never buy packs of coins. That's why so many people buy FIFA points and why the market is so unbalanced in the first days of their lives.

History and background from the game

FIFA 19 offers a very successful development on a playable level and allows for a more refined, conscious and realistic style of play, without losing verticality and combined style at any time. The passes and shots have been adjusted and are now a bit more complicated, although the salvo and the new Exact Finish system require a significant balance to reduce their excessive efficiency.

In terms of content, the great innovation has been the integration of the Champions League, which has been implemented in different ways. One of the most striking is the new El Camino: Champions, which now features three playable characters, a more varied story, an adult story and a better balance between movie sequences and playable parts. Logically, Ultimate Team is once again one of the star modes, including a new system of competition and important adjustments to the evaluation. Finally, the fast games have been updated with new fun modes to play with friends.

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