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Dental filling

Posted by scott1 on September 29th, 2018

What is the dental filling or the dental restoration?

First of all we have to know the right definition about the dental fillings or the dental restoration, the dental filling is a perfect way to restore teeth deterioration and damage by remove the decay and prevent next decay. Your dentist will determine to you the right kind of filling material which is best and suitable for your dental case.

The determination of the dental fillings type is depended on some factors such as, the extend of decay, where in your mouth the filling is required and the cost value.

When your dentist decides to restore your tooth by filling, he or she first removes the decayed tooth materials, then cleans the affected place and then fills it with a suitable filling material.

No one can deny that the dental fillings will play an important role in preventing further decay by closing off spaces which bacteria can enter on it.

There are some popular types of fillings such as (gold filling, and composite fillings "tooth colored fillings" and "silver fillings”)

You have to take into your consideration that no type of filling is the best for every case. What is suitable for you will be decided by expand of the restoration; whether the patient has allergy to certain materials in patient's mouth the filling is required. All of the above previous factors will determine the suitable type of fillings to you.

What are the different types of dental fillings?

  • Gold fillings:

These types of fillings are prepared in a dental laboratory and then fixed onto place. The gold inlays are endured by gum tissues and also it last more than twenty years. The cost of gold fillings is too expensive and also this choice is required multiple visits to your dentist.

 "silver fillings":

These types of fillings are relatively inexpensively. Moreover, that are with dark color and more remarkable by others.

In fact, the porcelain or composite fillings are used usually in visible teeth such as front teeth.

However, the composite fillings will not be the suitable solution for large fillings as they may fragment or erosion over time.

Also, it may also become stained from dark drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine.

So, these types of fillings do not last as long life as other types of fillings.

  • Porcelain fillings:

These types of fillings also called inlays and onlays and are made to prepare in a dental laboratory and then cemented onto the tooth. The porcelain fillings generally cover most area of the tooth.

Moreover, the cost of porcelain filling is expensive as the gold filling.

In the case of the large part of the tooth has been fractured or damaged by decay, a crown or cap may be recommended.

  • Composite resins (plastic):

These kind of fillings are matched to your natural color of your teeth so, that are suitable for restoration the front teeth, where the natural look is needed. The materials are mixed and encored by directly way onto the cavity area.

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