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Posted by scott1 on September 29th, 2018

Tooth whitening in Dubai process is essential procedure helps your teeth to be lighter and shine without any stains and black spots. Also, tooth whitening can play an important role in improving how your teeth look beauty and acceptable so, it is considered as the most common and popular cosmetic dental processes.

Moreover, you have to know that tooth whitening in Dubai is not considered as a one-time procedure, so if you want to keep and maintain your teeth with brighter shine you have to repeat this procedure on time as possible as you can. 

You have to know the reasons lead to teeth stained or yellowish?

Let us know together the main reasons lead to teeth yellowish, in order to avoid it:

  • You have to avoid drinking dark drinks like tea, coffee, cola and red wine.
  • You have to be more care towards your teeth through brushing and flossing it by daily way.
  • Don't smoke all kind of tobacco that will damage your teeth shine and dark it.
  • You have to know that aging will play a negative role in making your teeth less bright as the enamel layer will get thinner and that will cause to dark dentin.

You have to know that the accumulation of calculus and tartar can also play a negative role in staining of teeth and yellowish it. The restoration of the natural and beauty tooth shade is created by having the teeth cleaned by a dental professional ways. (Popular termed is "scaling and polishing"). Or you have to use commonly different home oral hygiene methods, but in some cases, the calculus and tartar are so difficult to clean it without a dental professional clean by cosmetic dentistry.

There are a various dental techniques which are used in bleaching your teeth by dental professionals. Techniques include the following ways:

  • Laser teeth whitening.
  • Whitening gels.
  • Whitening pens.
  • Whitening strips.

What is the meaning of teeth whitening?

First of all I can say that the dental whitening is playing an important role in correcting many tooth discoloration and yellowish, these kind of yellowish and stains may have been caused by staining such as ( bad oral hygiene, food residuals, smoking, and dark drinks such as coffee, tea or red wine). Also, the aging and chemical damage to teeth will lead to teeth discoloration.

No one can deny that the advanced whitening technology is playing an important role in solving the teeth discoloration by safe method in order to creating beauty and shine smile.

Sometimes, in the cases of severe or extreme tooth yellowish, there are more perfect ways to solve it such as crowns or porcelain veneer may be considered as the best choice. Moreover, because of the cheap cost of whitening treatments, whitening is considered as a good solution for enhancing the appearance of your teeth and your smile by safety way.

What are the methods of tooth whitening?

There are two different types of whitening method, the first one that removes the surface stains from the teeth such as (toothpastes, micro abrasion and air polishing), the second way is to remove the stains which accumulated in enamel layer of the teeth, and therefore cannot be removed by the first way of whitening method. The second way is called "whitening process" using by either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.


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