Healthy Dog Food for Large and Small Breed

Posted by rohny01 on September 30th, 2018

We all need energy so that we can easily do our day to day chores and enjoy ourselves as well. The main source of energy for any living organism is the food that it intakes. Food was, is and will always be the primary source of energy for most of the living organism.

Food for dogs

Dogs, the most loyal pet known to mankind who showers their owners with unconditional love, need food as well, so that they can be active and energetic all day long. One needs to make sure that the food that they are giving to their dogs is full of nutrients and goes well with the taste bud of the dogs. The type of food and the quantity of the food that a dog will be having depends if your dog is of larger breed or smaller breed.  

Food for larger breed of dogs

Larger breed dogs need special attention when it comes to food because they grow pretty quickly for which sufficient food needs to be provided to them so that they get enough nutrients, minerals and vitamins that can complement their growth. This quick growth means that one has to be very careful about the food that they are giving to their dog because any kind of excesses, deficiency or imbalance can cause different types of imbalance in them.

It should be kept in mind that in order to make sure that the bones of your dog get strong  will play a vital role,  one doesn’t need to feed them food items that are in excess of calcium content as it can cause abnormalities as well. The best way to decide which food is best for your dog is by consulting a vet. They can analyze the condition of your dog and can give you the whole chart of when to feed American journey dog food .

Food for smaller breed of dogs

One may think that being small in size, dogs of the smaller breed may need fewer calories than larger dogs, but it is actually the reverse in most of the cases because of their unique metabolism. It is very important to feed small dogs, according to their needs and not in accordance with the general trend. Most of the owners believe that is much easier to feed small dogs because of their small size, whereas, it is the other way around. Because of their small size, they need to be fed even more carefully and in strict accordance with their needs. Anything in excess or in a deficient amount can cause many irregularities.

The dogs of smaller breeds need to be fed about 6-8 times a day so that they can stay energetic, healthy and getting the necessary nutrients for their growth at the same time. It is advisable that one should contact an experienced vet regarding what diet should be given, what quantity and how many times they need to be fed.

All in all, the bottom line is it comes down to the individual dog what they need to be fed. It is always advised that one should consult a vet about their pet so that they can properly chalk out a plan because each and every dog has its own need and need to be fed according to that only.

One can also know if they are buying authentic food by seeing the packing of the food. One can notice the ingredients and see if it contains all the things that their dog needs and if the flavor is in accordance with the taste bud of your dogs.

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