Marble Tiles: Natural Stone vs Porcelain

Posted by Christian Silmaro on October 1st, 2018

We should use a parser working marble tile versus a real Marvel. So we want to address that question.

 And we have a few options for you guys to look at the way that they've developed right now on digital printing with tiles it's a really good thing for all of us because we can choose Rainbow Sandstone that book precisely like marble tiles without having to have that means high definition titles or mortgage finds you get a more realistic look with.

Them. And you don't have to worry about maintaining that tile for example if you look at the style.

This is actually. Is high definition tile waste of digital printing so you get a more realistic look basically you really won't be able to tell the difference between this.

 So but there's no maintenance associate it with that's the beauty of. I'm the only bad thing about him is that the majority of them do come with large files you will be able to get small sites a lot of the times not every see recesses all slices like three by six or six by six is what you'll be able to get like stuck between floors eighteen eighteen.

 Our trials and that's really in right now. If we put. A real world. You can actually see.

 Let's take a look. Is it a hundred percent the same thing absolutely not because you can't ever duplicate mother nature but I think that the industry has really good I like making the high definition titles.

 They have a very realistic look to them the majority of the times when you put them on the wall she will be able to tell the difference between what is real Barb auld what is a ceramic or porcelain.

 So that's a nice thing and get. This is a call cattle he wants shut again. Sometimes look at it right sometimes with her.Short.Actually. I can't have that. Digital currency where you can actually see all the way.

They have. Their very detailed. The patterns so that's a nice thing when you're laying down on the floor it used to be the.

 How to repeat itself every seventh style that doesn't occur anymore so you're not gone have ties to local state close to each other and that's a really good thing because it gives it a more realistic look people always ask me well is it going to be exactly the same like it to stay looking talk about the whole that's absolutely not what you're going to get is a tile that looks just like marble looks so every single pattern will be different on that tile.

 And that makes it more realistic and I think that's what you want the other thing is you can create a very easily you can use anything to clean porcelain or ceramic tile with it's not a problem and the detail and it is actually really cool so it'll give you a very realistic look so next time when you're thinking about choosing porcelain versus up natural stone.

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