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Types of precious stones: properties and how to use them

Posted by gemsngems on October 1st, 2018

Discover the different types of precious and semiprecious stones before buy gemstones. We tell you what the properties of these semi precious stones are and how to use them.

Discover how different types of precious stones can help you

The semi precious gemstones or gems are elements of nature which are admired by people for their remarkable beauty and particularity. Because of their beauty we use in them in jewellery and paid a high price for having some of them.

But precious and semiprecious stones offer us much more than their beauty. From gemotherapy they teach us how to use them to align our chakras, change energy, and free ourselves and many effects more emotionally and spiritually.


What are precious stones?

Precious and semiprecious stones, in their most physical meaning, are gems that fulfil four characteristics:

  • They are minerals, that is, solid natural substances that have a certain chemical formula
  • They shine brightly
  • They are hard or solid because they do not scratch easily
  • They are hard to find.

In this sense, the names of precious stones are only four: diamond, created white sapphire, ruby gemstone, and emerald. However, there is another prism of gems, stones, and crystals that we also know as types of precious stones, but which are actually semiprecious. Their big difference with the precious stones is that they are easier to find.

However, these physical characteristics are not the only things that make precious and semi-precious stones valuable. In fact, since the beginning of our times, all types of civilizations have found different properties in them, thanks to their mineral essence, which help to balance energy, strengthen our spiritual life and self-knowledge and even cure physical illnesses.

That is to say, each gem, in addition to its beauty and particularity, carries certain energy conducive to help in different aspects of our lives, we would say, as if by magic. Do you dare to try it?


Precious stones

To distinguish between precious stones and semiprecious stones, three factors are used:

  1.    The scale of hardness of the stone which guarantees its durability. Which, in addition, traditionally coincides with precious stones or gems par excellence (the hardest gemstone that exists is the diamond, as we have seen in previous articles)?
  2.    The rarity, shortage or difficulty to find them in nature.
  3.    Its beauty and perfection. When we talk about the beauty and perfection of a carnelian stone, whether precious or semiprecious, we refer to its colour, brightness, transparency, and purity. A pure gemstone, without imperfections and with a radiant colour, can have a value even higher than that of a diamond with similar characteristics.

The only three stones or gems considered a precious in addition to diamond for the above factors are ruby, pink topaz and blue sapphire. So if you like to buy Natural Gemstones make sure it is natural or not

Decades ago, the amethyst was also considered as a precious stone, but after the discovery of the enormous deposits in Brazil, it became part of the group of semiprecious stones, as it was not so rare and rare.

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