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Posted by Margaret Champ on October 1st, 2018

Many of us today rely on the World Wide Web to get the world's information in our hands, and we connect with people and events throughout world without interruption. These powerful online experiences are possible thanks to the open web access through the web browser, on any device connected to the Internet in the world. But how do our browsers and the web work? How did the World Wide Web change with what we know and love today? And what do we need to do to safely and efficiently navigate the web?

It will also give us an idea of how important the internet and websites are today. Many entrepreneurs have been using sites in different functions, this include marketing, and even core function having web applications. Website dont run on its own it uses different technologies and application, this includes web hosting that is responsibile for storing the files and others. 

Here is a brief topic for anyone who wants to know about the basics about browsers and the web.

First, we look at the Internet, the very foundation that allowed the web to exist. We'll also look at how the web is now used, through cloud computing and web apps.

Then, we'll introduce developers like HTML and JavaScript, and review how they are invented and transformed the websites you visit each day. Let's also look at the modern browser and how it saves users the safer and more secure browsing the web.

Lastly, let's look at the exciting changes in browser and web technologies that we think will give us all the faster and more interesting online experiences in the future.

Life as web citizens can be liberating and capable, but also requires some self-study. As we would like to know the various core facts as citizens of our physical environment - water safety, basic services, local businesses - it is important to understand the same set of information about our lives in online. That is why we are writing this guide. Many often reference the example used to show Chrome browser features and functionality, an open-source browser that we know best. We hope you enjoy reading this guide as we create it.

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