Water tank blow molding machine and HDPE blow molding machine for water tank

Posted by Christian Silmaro on October 1st, 2018

This machine ranges from 500 ltrs-5000 ltrs and has various technical specifications such as 
· HM/HDPE grade for long life and stoutness of tank. · Transformation from roto to blow molding process · Surpassed all relevant quality tests · Superior tank quality with speedy production · Availability of inter-changeable molds for output of different capacities This machine has various features such as · Light weighted · Less manpower · Blow molding process · No pulverizing · A workhorse 24/7 · Threaded lid 
20000L water tank blow molding machine is the largest and advanced in the industry with production range of 1000L-20000L storage tank using modular design enabling easy installation. This machine uses servo pump, is energy efficient and has the latest advanced technology temperature control system. Water tank blow molding machine uses MOOG, PLC and Siemens touch screen for easy and intelligent operation. This machine uses progressive hydraulic system which is easy to control and also uses servo motor to control the hydraulic system to save energy. This machine has integrated multi-layer die head design from one layer to six layers and support for productions of road barriers and pallets simultaneously. Multi-layers die head technology is used to increase production efficiency, save money and increase waste usage. The blow molding machine uses HMWHDPE or HDPE to provide long life and strength to tank. 20000L blow molding machine has various features such as · Uses the American MOOG wall thickness controller to make the wall thickness precise and uniform. · This machine has quick response, powerful function and Siemens 6ES7-313 PLC. · Operation is made easy using an encoder. · This machine has original Siemens control system to provide safe, stable and superior quality operation with international service after sale. · Uses servo system for clamping unit to save more than 40% energy. · This machine has G120 Siemens AC drive in place of old M440 to save more energy and is safer. 

· This machine has latest advanced research and development of automatic mold change equipment which is highly efficient, easier and safer. · It has innovative die head design and induction heater improving efficiency, saving energy and reducing the heating time. · Uses efficient and energy saving IKV screw, the L/D is 35/1 making the plasticizing capacity of the blow molding machine about 1.5 times quicker. · Uses advanced sensor increasing the integrity and intelligence and providing facility of monitoring all the parts of machine on the operation screen. HDPE blow molding machine for water tank HDPE is high density polyethylene and these resins are used widely due to their stiffness, resistance to cracking, warping and ability to withstand high temperatures. HDPE blow molding machine is known for its superior molding capacity due to its advanced technology and high quality components. 
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