How to get a job in Singapore without an agency

Posted by sgjobs on October 2nd, 2018

Recently, many people have been troubled to say that it is difficult to find a job in Singapore. Now, the market is no worse than before. The business is not good and the economy is not doing too good as well. Worse still, the head tax has risen to around 0 a person.

Looking for work without using the internet is now unthinkable. To achieve an effective job search in Singapore, it is, therefore, necessary to know and correctly use the tools made available by the web. This is because the internet has reduced the time spent between the publication of announcements and the recruitment of staff. Consequently, it has reduced the period of validity of the announcements.

Finding work in such a competitive world is increasingly difficult. Job seekers have to know what the companies are looking for and which of their skills and knowledge can fit in with them. This is because, in an ideal working world, everyone knows what the supply and demand are. People who have spent long periods of time looking for a job have been lost in a sea of ​​job interviews and CV. Meanwhile, many have taken the last resort of the employment agency, when in reality, it should be the first and best option.

Getting a job via job agencies is increasingly becoming frustrating. This is even worse than direct job seeking, as, amongst other downsides, you have to part with huge fees without guarantees of getting employed or finding a dream job.

However, to escape the uncertainties in direct job applications – individually and via job agencies – online job portals are the new surefire way of getting a job. One of the new options which answer the question of how to get a job in Singapore without an agency is

With this portal, you don't need to go through an agency. Finding a dream job without the inconveniences experienced from the full-time jobs is now a reality.

Introducing SGJOBS

SGJOBS is an upcoming but yet remarkable Singaporean online portal which offers part-time, temporary, internship and students' job opportunities.

When people see job offers on the Internet or in the newspaper job offers, they all notice that these can be confusing in terms of the associated terms and requirements.

Realizing this lapse in the real world, SG JOBS offers superior user-friendly interface which helps job seekers and employers meet their objectives quickly and more efficiently. It is a free-for-all job portal and search engine in Singapore.

The job portal scans companies, shopping centers, public and private organizations for available job advertisements for temp and part-time job finders. Immediate job openings and opportunities are uploaded to the site, including their Facebook page.

How to find a temporary or part time jobs on SG JOBS

To find a job offer on SG JOBS, users have to simply fill in keywords in the search bar. A list of jobs is then displayed with the title, a quick description, the number of positions, contracts possible, the customer's rating and location.

By clicking on the announcement, you can submit your application or save the page. If you apply, you can indicate your rate and your skills. The employer, in turn, will have to look into the proposals and award the contract to a job seeker. For those who are picked, it's time to confirm and start working! For those who are turned down, there are always other jobs on the portal to try out.

It will be important to never neglect the quality of the work done on this platform for continuity sake. Also, be sure to respect the deadlines provided (one of the most important elements). Finally, to avoid difficulties, do not accept assignments that you would not be able to provide.


The SG JOBS can become a gold mine if users use the platform correctly. A simple negative comment can significantly damage a seller's image, never forget it.

Finally, do not be afraid to refuse an offer that is poorly paid or seems dubious.

Finally, service sellers will have to be very persistent because the competition on the portal is getting more and more difficult. Do not accept projects for a pittance.

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