5 Easy Ways Parents Can Save Dollar 1000's a Year

Posted by Financial Adviser on October 2nd, 2018

Parents, let’s face it – the high cost of raising children leaves us all needing a little extra money.

Short of getting a big raise, switching jobs, or winning the lottery, earning “more money” isn’t in the cards for a lot of parents. However, even if you can’t make more money, you can definitely save more. Here are 5 easy but often “overlooked” ways to save ,000’s (yes, that’s thousands) of dollars every year.

#1 – Pay Less for Auto Insurance

No brainer here – you’re probably paying too much for automobile insurance. And guess what? Your insurance company wants to keep it that way.

But the truth is, most Americans pay far more money on insurance than they should. Many insurance companies will give you a better rate based on your driving history, how many miles you drive to work, and more. If you didn’t compare companies when you got your current policy, you are almost certainly paying too much.

So how can you find out who will offer you better rates? Simple – you visit an independent, unbiased service like FinancialAdviser.com that compares insurance company’s rates based on the criteria you enter. It takes about 2 minutes to fill out our simple form – you’ll likely be very surprised at how much money you can save.

#2 – Skip that Latte People!

I don’t know how many times I’ve walked into the local coffee shop and have seen a circle of moms in workout clothes sipping away on those “expensive” lattes, frappuchinos, and mochas. At + a pop, this daily habit can cost well over 0 each month. This ,800 per year habit is good for Starbucks, not for you or your family.

Trust me, I love my coffee just as much as anyone – and as parents, it’s surprising that any of us can function without it. My advice, get a coffee maker and pocket the ,000+/year savings.
#3 – Little Known Way to Pay Off Mortgage

Here’s the deal with mortgage refinancing – right now, mortgage rates are at an all time historic low. Throw in the government’s own Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP), and you have a solution that can save on average ,000 a year simply by refinancing at a lower rate.

And not only will you save money, if you wish, you can likely end up paying off your mortgage sooner. Plus, maybe even skip a payment or two at the onset of your new loan.

Lower payments every month, more money in your pocket right now and perhaps even a shorter term – that’s a win / win / win for you. That’s how powerful interest rates and the HARP program are. The best news of all – most Americans qualify!

To see if you qualify, simply take 5 minutes and fill out this fast online form.
#4 – Lower Your Student Loan Payments

Did you know that over 40 million Americans have student loan debt? Of those 40 million borrowers, over 7 million people have defaulted. With a default, not only will a borrower’s credit be impacted (which can cost you more money when financing anything), but the borrower can also be hit with as much as 25 percent in extra penalty fees. Additionally about 60 percent of employers run credit checks on applicants before hiring or promoting, making it nearly impossible for millions to get a higher paying job to actually repay these debts.

However, you do have options to reduce your student loan debt by as much as 80%. By consolidating your student loans, you may be eligible for lower monthly payments. Lower payments every month on your student loans means more money in your pocket to pay for the things that really matter, like food and housing!

If you’re sick and tired of having a large percentage of your check go to paying off your student loans each month, see if you can lower your payments by applying here – it takes only 30 seconds!

#5 – Team Up With a Top Financial Advisor

Like any successful business, it takes a team to help you “win”. The game of life requires expert knowledge about many different subject matters. Whether it’s advice from your parents on how to raise your child or advice from your financial advisor as to how to pay for your child’s college, getting advice and help from a trusted source is extremely important to saving (or earning) ,000’s more each year.

A good financial advisor is worth their weight in gold, potentially saving you ,000’s of dollars every year. A good financial advisor can help you restructure your debt, initiate tax deferred savings plans for your children’s education or for your retirement, and so much more. Financial advisors are no longer just for the rich.

As parents, the one thing that we all have in common is that there is NEVER enough time in the day to accomplish everything on our plate, including thinking through questions like “How am I going to pay for my child’s college education?” To get a free consultation and see how adding a good financial advisor to your team can help save you ,000’s or help you earn 00’s of dollars more a year, take 60 seconds to apply here:

Start Here:

Step #1 – Pay Less for Auto Insurance (Save up to 0/year)

Step #2 – Skip that Latte! (Save up to 00/year)

Step #3 – Refinance Your Mortgage (Save ,000+/year)

Step #4 – Lower Your Student Loan Payments (Save 0’s/year)

Step #5 – Team Up With a Financial Advisor (Save or Earn 00’s/year)

There you have it – five different ways you can save (or earn more), which can amount to ,000’s of dollars a year.

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