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Andrew J. Dublin serves as a professor emeritus in the E. Philip Saunders College of business at the Rochester technology institute whereby he has been serving as a departmental chairman as well as the team leader. The article offers an extensive assessment of the leadership function, offers a discussion of different topics on leadership as ideas that offer direction is one component of leadership and that the technical expertise is additionally a vital leadership role. One of the attributes that the book clarifies is the fact that leadership is not solely found among the people who are in the high-level organization positions, which DuBrin in his book was arguing that the common trend is contrary to the commonly held position. In one of the studies where researchers studied more than 200 management techniques that were employed in 150 companies within a period of 10 years, it was found that CEOs were impacted 15% of the overall variability in the profitability of the company.


The article is relevant because it implements an assessment of the role that leadership plays in the success of the contemporary organizations, with the main argument being that they exert a huge role. The assessment of the subject of leadership as a model of shared responsibility leads to the book asserting that most of the leadership theorists, as well as managers, are in agreement that the duty of leadership within a team is rarely the responsibility of a single individual. In that case, the position is that several individuals within the team could serve as leaders both in the formal as well as informal assignments. Through the assessment of the article, it is clear that there is the transition from the old to the new leadership paradigms, from the period leadership resided in one individual to a time when it is a collective process spread throughout the diverse networks of people.

On the assessment of the attribute of leadership being a relationship, the apparent attribute is that the contemporary assessment of leadership promotes the assertion that it is a relationship between the leader and the individuals who are led. It is further clear that leadership is not an individual behavior or trait but is a phenomenon that is generated via the interactions among the diverse people who act in the specific setting. It is clear that leadership is vital to all the levels of the organization and has the likelihood of being practiced by individuals who have not been assigned the formal leadership positions.

The assertion that leaders have an influence on the performance of the organization as well as the morale of the people in the organization is relevant as it shows the organizational leadership plays a significant role in its success. In this case, the assessment is on how the appropriate approach to the leadership subject can develop a positive impact on the performance of the organization. The common attribute that is supported in this argument is that promoting the culture of making decisions in a transparent manner encompassing monthly meetings with managers has the impact of enhancing the success of the organization. The role of leadership in any organization is geared towards the promotion of teamwork and cooperation among the diverse stakeholders in an organization with the attainment of the organizational goals being tied to the leadership styles developed within the organization.




The position if this student is that the leadership skills that are developed and inculcated in an organization are the main attribute that defines how successful the organization is going to become. The possession, as well as a promotion of effective leadership skills and personnel in an organization, acts as the basis under which an organization can develop a foundation of success. The presence of a leadership culture within an organization acts a constants source of direction and motivation for the stakeholders in the specific organization and thus enhancing their rate of success. The title that has been supplied for this article is an additional attribute that has captivated the student as it successfully elicits the interest of the student, trying to know the finding of the author and the skills that are employed in leadership.

The assessment of the titles offers this student with a clear conception of the issues that were addressed as well as the possible results, thus the desire to go through the article to assess the position of the author. The article was further a huge source of information on the subject of leadership and its practice in the organization. The manner in which the article has presented the information is a mode that is easy to follow, with the excellent grammar being an excellent attribute that promotes comprehension of the issues addressed.  Above all, the article addresses the roles that the organization leaders play in promoting the success, the leadership styles that are employed and how the style employed by the leaders affects the employees and the consequent organizational success.

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