horrible lower back pain I developed from training

Posted by bamulur on October 2nd, 2018

horrible lower back pain I developed from training and competing in strongman, on top of the other 14 years that I've been training heavy. Now, when I say back pain, I'm not referring to an annoying "tweak" like the one you got when you set up for deadlifts the wrong way; I'm talking about glued to the floor, not able to walk for three days kind of pain. I had no clue what was responsible other than I may have been "overusing" my lower back because of how often I trained. What a line of bullshit that was. healingbenefit The reason I had lower back pain had nothing to do with my back, rather with tight hamstrings and quads, horrible hip mobility, and tight piriformis. In other words, my ass and hamstrings would spasm, and pull on all the other muscles in my posterior chain, thereby leaving me a cripple for a weekend. Back Pain = Body Pain When we're talking about lower back pain – or any pain for that matter – we tend to forget that our body works as a whole, and certain antagonists can either be direct or indirect. One major cause of lower back pain is sacroiliac misalignment, and since the piriformis originates on the sacrum, when it's tight, this can cause a variety of problems. Also, your sciatic nerve runs through, or close to (depending on your personal anatomy) your piriformis, and dysfunction of the piriformis muscle can cause signs and symptoms of pain in the sciatic nerve distribution; that is, in the gluteal area, posterior thigh, posterior leg, and lateral aspect of the foot. Another major cause of lower back pain can be from excessive pelvic tilt, whether anterior or posterior. I personally have issues with anterior pelvic tilt from tight hip flexors and quads, but also from week glutes and hamstrings. Stretching out tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones will help with pelvic tilt tremendously. Enter yoga, which is really just fancy talk for stretching. I started doing a few certain exercises that focused on opening up my hips, strengthening my core and glutes, and limbering up my "big movers."

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